Major or Minor in Screen Studies

Explore, collaborate — and create films that engage

As a screen studies major at Clark you will explore the cultural, economic and technical developments that influence screen media, producers and audiences, through interdisciplinary study of the history, theory and criticism of film, television and related media. By participating in hands-on video production courses and co-curricular activities, students gain an in-depth understanding of what goes into creating a film, from conception to premiere.

Serious cinephiles—those with a passionate interest in films—will find a productive outlet for their fandom in the screen studies program, whether they are majors, minors or occasionally take courses as an elective. Those who seek to make films—ranging from suspenseful thrillers, to politically-charged documentaries, to abstract experimental works of video art—will find courses to suit their goals and level of experience.

Clark’s screen studies major was one of the first programs in the U.S. to incorporate the history and theory of television (and now other new forms of digital media) along with traditional film studies. Students emerge from the program with a sophisticated knowledge of media history and theory, while having gained hands-on skills that will be useful in a wide range of jobs.

Why Choose Screen Studies at Clark?

  • Explore and create moving-image media; each aspect of the program—scholarship and production—helps illuminate the other.
  • Research, discuss and write about the history, theory, and aesthetics of film, television and new media.
  • Engage in practical, hands-on, collaborative work in digital video production, making fictional narrative films, experimental films and documentaries.
  • Be part of a vibrant, progressive, growing undergraduate major in which students closely collaborate with a tight-knit group of faculty and student peers in classes of no more than 20 students.
  • Study film in the wider context of Clark’s Visual and Performing Arts Department (V&PA), a tight-knit community that includes students majoring in art history; media, culture and the artsmusic; studio art; and theater arts.