Major or Minor in Physics


As a physics major at Clark, you will study the fundamental laws and principles governing the universe, using theory, experiments, models, mathematical analysis and computational techniques. We will teach you to understand physical phenomena and to develop your problem-solving and analytical-thinking skills. You'll be encouraged to participate in research in our world-class research facilities and to engage in collaborative work with faculty and graduate students.

The unique brand of education we offer successfully prepares our students for graduate studies and also for careers in science, education, engineering, technology, mathematics, and any career that involves solving complex problems. Physics, and the new knowledge that comes from ongoing research, can be applied to provide solutions to many of the greatest challenges of modern life, such as managing resources, technology, sustainability and health care.

Toward these goals, we have recently introduced three new tracks within the physics major. These three tracks highlight the multiple directions our students can follow as they pursue a physics major at Clark, and are tailored to each student’s particular learning and post-Clark career goals.  Please consult any physics faculty member if you are interested in learning more about these tracks.

Why Study Physics at Clark?

  • Join a department steeped in history that has been home to physics pioneers like rocketry scientist Robert Goddard (pictured above), American Physical Society founder Arthur Gordon Webster, and the first American Nobel Laureate in science, A. A. Michelson.
  • Benefit from small class sizes, with individualized instruction and cutting-edge labs.
  • Choose from three physics major tracks—Comprehensive Physics, Applied Physics, and General Physics—that give you the flexibility to tailor the major to meet your specific post-Clark career goals.
  • Participate in experimental, theoretical, and computational research groups as early as your first year.
  • Use state-of-the-art research facilities, including access to a 50 tesla pulsed magnetic field laboratory—one of highest magnetic fields available at any university in the United States.
  • Take advantage of our 3/2 engineering program in conjunction with Columbia University.
  • Enjoy the benefits, as an international student, of this STEM-OPT qualifying major.
  • Work hard and join our accelerated B.A./M.S. program in physics with the fifth year tuition-free for qualifying students.