Major or Minor in Mathematics

Master and apply the language of number, quantity, space, arrangement and movement

As a mathematics major, you employ a special language to describe the structure and attributes of objects, systems and processes in the universe, from the level of sub-atomic particles to that of planets and galaxies. You can contribute to mathematical knowledge for its own sake (“pure” mathematics), or put your knowledge to work solving problems in a wide range of fields (applied mathematics). Grounding in mathematics is necessary to improve fuel efficiency, make faster planes, send people into space, predict the weather, develop new medicines and prosthetics, and understand how economies work.

Why Study Mathematics at Clark?

  • Benefit from a nurturing, non-competitive environment with faculty and peer mentors.
  • Participate in research from your first day at Clark by joining our Diving into Research Group.
  • Join the Clark Math Team and participate in the Putnam Competition.
  • Deepen your mathematics knowledge by becoming a Peer Learning Assistant.
  • If you’re interested in teaching mathematics in a high-needs public school after graduation, you can apply to the Noyce Scholarship Program.
  • International students can enjoy the benefits of this STEM-OPT qualifying major.