Major or Minor in Computer Science

Harness the power of computing

As a computer scientist, you will explore how computing and computers can be used to solve problems and perform tasks more efficiently. Computer scientists apply their knowledge in ways that enable us to explore space, make purchases with our smartphones, compose music, communicate via the internet, deploy robots in manufacturing, and improve health care. There are few aspects of life today that can’t benefit from the creative problem-solving insights of computer scientists.

Why Study Computer Science at Clark?

  • Develop a firm grounding in both theory and practical applications, as part of a program that closely follows Association for Computing Machinery /IEEE program guidelines.
  • Gain a broad perspective on the implications of computer science for human well-being by studying in a liberal arts setting.
  • Enjoy small classes and close mentoring by faculty in computer science and related disciplines.
  • Work at Clark as a teaching assistant, a research assistant, or as a system, IT support or technical staff with Clark’s Office of Technology Services and the department’s computer lab — experience normally reserved at other institutions for graduate students .
  • Compete in prestigious computer science competitions and participate in research.
  • International students can enjoy the benefits of this STEM-OPT qualifying major.