Major or Minor in Biology


The earth is home to an enormously diverse range of species. Biologists not only try to explain the origins of this diversity, but also investigate how organisms function at the molecular, cellular, organismal, population and ecosystem levels. Over the last decade new analytical tools have provided novel ways to do this, and as a biology major at Clark you can be an active part of this process. In addition to hands-on learning about living systems during coursework, you will have an opportunity to investigate them for yourself through independent research with faculty, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Why Study Biology at Clark?

  • Collaborate with faculty and doctoral students to conduct research, as early as your first year.
  • Present your research at academic conferences on and off campus.
  • Apply for a fellowship to conduct research for ten weeks in the summer, with campus housing included.
  • International students can enjoy the benefits of this STEM-OPT qualifying major.
  • Work hard and join our accelerated B.A./M.S. program in biology with the fifth year tuition-free for qualifying students.