Major or Minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


At the intersection of biology and chemistry is the field of biochemistry and molecular biology (BCMB), an area of science that is perhaps the most exciting, actively growing and impactful of any today. As a biochemistry and molecular biology major or minor, you will investigate the cellular components (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, etc.) of living organisms and the chemical interactions, like those involving DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, that enable life forms to thrive, adapt and evolve.

Why Study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Clark?

  • Access faculty and resources in both the Biology and Chemistry departments.
  • Combine traditional "wet lab" biochemistry with chemical, biological, and computational tools to solve biology questions.
  • Conduct research as early as your first year. You might co-author research papers with faculty or graduate students, and attend professional conferences.
  • Use specialized biology and chemistry research equipment, like a laser scanner for biomolecular imaging and an AKTA pure 25L system (GE Healthcare) – FPLC for protein purification, normally found only in much larger departments.
  • Enjoy, as an international student, the benefits of this STEM OPT-qualifying major.
  • Work hard and join our accelerated B.A./M.S. program in biochemistry and molecular biology, with the fifth year tuition-free for qualifying students.