Major in Combined Languages


It's estimated that more than 450 million people in the world speak Spanish and another 230 million-plus speak French. A combined languages major at Clark, designed for students who want to study more than one language, may help you communicate with all of them, and more. You’ll not only master Spanish and French — or one of those plus another language Clark offers, like Chinese, Japanese, German, Latin, Greek and Hebrew — you’ll explore the cultures behind them and put all of it into practice. Combined languages majors use classroom studies, along with service-learning opportunities in the Worcester community and a study abroad requirement, to think critically about and analyze how a language influences the cultures that share it.

Why Study Combined Languages at Clark?

  • Expand your knowledge of language, and of linguistics in general, by studying two languages simultaneously; you'll develop intercultural understanding and competence through an emphasis on connections between language and culture.
  • Understand language learning as a broader inquiry into how people create and structure meaning in the world, as well as form identity.
  • Explore a broad range of courses, like history, culture, film, music, theater and literature, through which you can connect to either or both languages.
  • Take higher-level language classes at other colleges within the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts, or engage in directed studies with individual professors.