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Concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Investigate the causes and repercussions of mass violence

The Holocaust and other genocides are studied to enhance our understanding of the society from which we came, the society in which we live and the society to which we are giving shape. In the process, we learn about collusion and resistance; about the hot violence of mass murder and the cold violence of the modern, bureaucratic machinery of death; and about suffering and adaptation to suffering. We learn how societies disintegrate, step by step, and how ordinary men, women and children both participate in and are affected by this disintegration. We learn, in short, a tremendous amount about making the world a better place.

As a student in the Holocaust and genocide studies concentration, you will gain a solid grounding in this interdisciplinary field. You take a series of courses in a variety of departments like History, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, International Development and Social Change, and Psychology, to ensure a critical and sophisticated understanding of the various facets of these atrocities.