Concentration in Ethics and Public Policy, Clark University

Concentration in Ethics and Public Policy

Use ethical analysis to inform policy making

Creators of public policy make decisions that often affect thousands of people—at home and abroad, in both intended and unintended ways. An understanding of ethical analysis as a complement to policy analysis can help decision makers design policies that are more sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders, and ultimately more successful.

As a student in the ethics and public policy concentration, you explore the relationship between ethics and public policy in theory and through case studies. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to discuss some of the most controversial and pressing issues of our time. Questions you might address through the concentration include:

  • How should care and treatment of HIV-related diseases be funded?
  • What is good public policy regarding abortion or capital punishment?
  • How can the problems of housing and homelessness be effectively addressed?
  • Should population control measures be a requirement for receiving foreign aid?