Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

Build Your Own Education

Imagine being able to design your own study program.

At the School of Professional Studies you can. The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) is a self-designed, multidisciplinary program that will enable you to get the education you're looking for without taking courses you don't want or need.

CAGS was created for students who want to continue their studies after obtaining a master's degree, but who do not want to pursue a doctoral degree.

Although specialization in an area is required, CAGS enables professionals to develop expertise in disciplines beyond their initial specialization. CAGS seeks to foster professional depth, as well as breadth beyond a single area of study.

The program is designed especially — but not exclusively — for working professionals who wish to pursue the advanced certificate on a part-time basis. Many students work in management positions and enroll in CAGS to improve their opportunities for promotion, enhance professional advancement, or promote intellectual growth in an area beyond their original field.

Why Study Program Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study at Clark?

  • An opportunity to build competencies in leadership, policy development and analysis
  • A highly individualized curriculum with evening and online classes to accommodate professionals’ schedules
  • Affordable tuition
  • Hands-on experience in public policy and regulatory matters