Science with Impact

Clark's Lasry Center for Biosciences houses labs, lecture halls and faculty offices for the in Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology programs. It has a Gold certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.


Science infuses all we do, lengthening and improving the quality of our lives in countless ways. Through scientific discovery we’ve become more adept at combating disease, working toward sustainable environments, communicating across global pathways, and exploring phenomena beyond the frontiers of our immediate experience.

Science is a continuum, with each generation building a foundation of knowledge to serve succeeding generations — today’s breakthroughs are fueled by the efforts of earlier researchers. Our scientific community adds to this essential store of knowledge. Their efforts not only contribute to the understanding of our world, but may help inform government policy and ignite public action — smartly, collaboratively, urgently.