Humanistic Inquiry

Clark's Higgins School of Humanities fosters a connection between the humanities by supporting faculty research and offering public events.


What does it mean to be human? While this question has long defined humanistic inquiry, today it possesses a sense of urgency that transcends academic disciplines.

In popular and mass media, conversations about gender, race and age lay bare the historic and cultural limits placed on human dignity and rights, challenging us to create more inclusive frameworks. Developments in climate science, genetics, artificial intelligence and medicine are just a few examples of areas transforming — and destabilizing — traditional boundaries of “the human.”

At Clark, we celebrate the belief that humanistic inquiries and practices remain essential to the development of intellectually curious, socially engaged and ethically oriented individuals ­– that the humanities create vital spaces where our community can come together to explore differences and commonalities; to consider the past and shape the future; to look inward to the self and outward to the structures that organize our world.