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Support for Students with Disabilities

Early Orientation provides you with a solid overview of Clark’s accessibility services, managed through the Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

At Early Orientation, you can:

  • Connect and form friendships with other students attending pre-Orientation programs.
  • Have time to transition and find your way around campus.

To attend Early Orientation on Aug. 24, 2022:

  • By June 6, 2022 — Register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS): Self-identify as a student with a disability (this usually happens when you say, “Hi, I am looking for accommodations”) and submit appropriate documentation for review. Documentation and registration guidelines can be found online. Accommodations are processed on a rolling basis; however, any students who submit documentation after June 6 may miss early course registration and may need to register during general course registration times. 
  • Schedule an Intake Meeting: Schedule and complete an intake meeting with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) staff. This meeting can happen over the phone or via Zoom and should take no longer than 30 to 40 minutes. The intake meeting should be completed so you can take advantage of early registration.
  • By June 26, 2022 — Register for Early Orientation and General Orientation: Register for Early Orientation when you sign up for general Orientation (link to come on May 1). Visit the To-Do List for first-year students.
  • Course Registration: First-year students registered with SAS are able to participate in early registration for their first semester of courses. Please note that this occurs only for the first fall semester unless otherwise accommodated. SAS staff and advisers can assist with course selection and planning.
  • Final Confirmations (date to come): All new student meetings to review documentation, accommodations, and course selection should be completed by this date to be processed in a timely manner for the fall semester.
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