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Tuition and Fees

Per-Semester Fees (effective Summer 2018)

Undergraduate Tuition $1,500.00 per course* ($375.00) per credit
Registration Fee $35.00 per semester
Materials/Lab Fees If applicable, noted in course description

One-Time Fees

Matriculation Fee $35.00
Diploma Fee $40.00

* Half-unit courses and audits are charged at one-half tuition.

Undergraduate Auditing

Please note that the audit option is not available for all courses and audit status must be declared when registering for a course. The fee for auditing a course is half of the tuition of a full course.

Cash Payments

Clark University is required to file IRS Form 8300 on behalf of all students who pay $10,000 or more in cash within a 12-month period. If a student’s total cash payments for a 12 month period equal or exceed $10,000, the student must bring their passport or current driver’s license to the Cashier’s office when making payment.

Students 60 or Older

Students 60 or older may register, on a space-available basis, for one undergraduate credit bearing course per semester for $100 plus any relevant fees. Students must contact the Evening Division/Summer Programs Office prior to registering for a course. Additional courses will be charged at full-tuition rates. The 60-or-older tuition benefit does not apply to independent study, directed readings, some off-campus programs or to graduate courses. Students wishing to be assured a space in class where enrollments are limited should pay full tuition when registering.

Course Withdrawal Refunds

The student must fill out a course withdrawal/drop slip and return it to the Evening Division/Summer Programs office or Registrar’s Office. Please see the academic calendar for specific dates and refund percentages.

The Alumni Enrichment, 60 or older and Friends of Evening Division/Summer Programs scholarships are non-refundable except in the case of a course cancelled by Evening Division/Summer Programs Office.