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Full List of Programs

Key for Experiential Opportunity:

A = academic immersion; C = community engagement (non-credit); I = internship; L = language; R = research; S = service learning (for credit)

Country Program Name Language of Instruction Program Type Experiential Opportunity
(see key above)
Argentina CIEE Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts Spanish (some English) Hybrid A, C, L
Australia CAPA Sydney Global Cities Program

CAPA Sydney Global Business Institute

CAPA Sydney Sports Management Institute (spring only)

*Internship required

English Study Center C, I
Australia CIEE Perth: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, I
Australia SFS Australia: Tropical Rainforest Studies English Study Center R
Australia University of Tasmania English Direct Enroll A
Botswana CIEE Gaborone: Arts & Sciences

CIEE Gaborone: Community Public Health

English Hybrid A, C, I
Cambodia SFS Cambodia: Conservation, Ethics, and Environmental Change English (some Khmer) Study Center R
Chile CIEE Santiago: Liberal Arts Spanish (some English) Hybrid A, C, L
China CET Beijing: Intensive Language Program Chinese Study Center L
China CET Shanghai English (some Chinese) Study Center I, L
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua* CGEE Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice and Community Engagement

*Statement for Spring 2019 semester : Due to the ongoing unrest in Nicaragua, the program will be split between Costa Rica and Guatemala only. CGEE is monitoring the situation in Nicaragua, and hopes to return there for future semester programs.

English (some Spanish) Study Center C, L
Costa Rica CIS Semester in Costa Rica English and Spanish Hybrid A, C, L
Costa Rica SFS Costa Rica: Sustainable Development Studies English

(some Spanish)

Study Center L, R
Czech Republic CET Prague English Study Center I, L
Ecuador Pachaysana: Rehearsing Change Spanish Study Center I, L, R
Europe EuroScholars: European Undergraduate Research Opportunities

*Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland

English Direct Enroll A, R
France API Grenoble French and English Hybrid A, C, L
France CIEE Rennes: Liberal Arts French Hybrid A, C, L
Germany CIEE Berlin: Open Campus English Study Center C, I, L, R
Germany Trier University German (some English) Direct Enroll A, L
Ghana CIEE Legon: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, C, I, R
Ireland Burren College of Art English Study Center
Ireland CAPA Dublin: Global Cities Program English Hybrid A, I
Israel Arava Institute for Environmental Studies English (some Hebrew or Arabic) Study Center I, R
Israel University of Haifa International School English (some Hebrew or Arabic) Direct Enroll I, L, R
Italy The Umbra Institute: General Studies Program

(Food & Sustainability Studies, Independent Studies, Music, Multicultural Psychology)

The Umbra Institute: Direct Enrollment

(University of Perugia, Academy of Fine Arts, or University for Foreigners)



Study Center



C, L, R, S

A, C, L

Japan Kansai Gaidai University: Asian Studies Program English (some Japanese) Direct Enroll A, C, L
Jordan CIEE Amman: Middle East Studies English (some Arabic) Study Center C, L
Morocco SIT Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity

SIT Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights

English (some Arabic) Study Center C, I, L, R
Namibia CGEE Southern Africa: Nation-Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind English Study Center I
Netherlands Maastricht University: Center for European Studies English Direct Enroll A
Panama SFS Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies English (some Spanish) Study Center L, R
Peru SFS Peru: Biology & Development in the Amazon English Study Center I, L, R
Rwanda SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration and Peace Building English Study Center C, I, L, R
Senegal CIEE Dakar: Language & Culture

CIEE Dakar: Development Studies

French, English and Wolof Study Center A, C, I, R
South Africa CIEE Cape Town: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, C
South Africa AIFS: Stellenbosch University Service Learning Certificate Program

AIFS: Stellenbosch University General Studies

English Hybrid H, S
Spain CIEE Seville: Advanced Liberal Arts

CIEE Seville: Communications, New Media and Journalism

CIEE Seville: International Business & Culture

CIEE Seville: Liberal Arts

U.K. – England Advanced Studies in England (ASE) English Study Center C, I, R
U.K. – England CAPA London Global Cities Program

CAPA London Institute Programs

(global business, community engagement, creative arts)

*Internship required

English Study Center C, I, S
U.K. – England London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE): General Course

*3.5 gpa required; full year program only

English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – England SOAS University of London English Direct Enroll A, R
U.K. – England University of Sussex English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – England University of East Anglia English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – Scotland University of Stirling English Direct Enroll A, C
United States AU Washington Semester Program English Direct Enroll I
United States CFSI: Semester in the City English Study Center I
United States The Washington Center for Internships English Study Center I
Vietnam CET Vietnam: Development Studies English Study Center