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Full List of Programs

Key for Experiential Opportunity:

A = academic immersion; C = community engagement (non-credit); I = internship; L = language; R = research; S = service learning (for credit)

Country Program Name Language of Instruction Program Type Experiential Opportunity
(see key above)
Argentina CAPA Buenos Aires

CIEE Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts

Spanish (some English) Study Center


I, L

A, C, L

Australia CAPA Sydney Global Cities Program

CAPA Sydney Global Business Institute

CAPA Sydney Sports Management Institute (spring only)

*Internship required

English Study Center C, I
Australia CIEE Perth: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, I
Australia SFS Australia: Tropical Rainforest Studies English Study Center R
Australia University of Tasmania English Direct Enroll A
Botswana CIEE Gaborone: Arts & Sciences

CIEE Gaborone: Community Public Health

English Hybrid A, C, I
Cambodia SFS Cambodia: Conservation, Ethics, and Environmental Change English (some Khmer) Study Center R
Chile CIEE Santiago: Liberal Arts Spanish (some English) Hybrid A, C, L
China CET Beijing: Intensive Language Program Chinese Study Center L
China CET Shanghai Internship & Chinese Studies Program English (some Chinese) Study Center I, L
Colombia CET Colombia: Race, Ethnicity and Identity English, Spanish Hybrid C, L
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua* CGEE Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice and Community Engagement

*Due to the ongoing unrest in Nicaragua, the program will be split between Costa Rica and Guatemala only.

English (some Spanish) Study Center C, L
Costa Rica CIS Semester in Costa Rica English and Spanish Hybrid A, C, L
Costa Rica SFS Costa Rica: Sustainable Development Studies English

(some Spanish)

Study Center L, R
Czech Republic CET Prague English Study Center I, L
Ecuador Pachaysana: Rehearsing Change Spanish Study Center I, L, R
Europe EuroScholars: European Undergraduate Research Opportunities

*Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland

English Direct Enroll A, R
France API Grenoble Language & Culture Studies

API Grenoble International Business and Business Studies

French and English Hybrid A, C, L
France CIEE Rennes: Liberal Arts French Hybrid A, C, L
Germany CIEE Berlin: Open Campus English Study Center C, I, L, R
Germany Trier University German (some English) Direct Enroll A, L
Ghana CIEE Legon: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, C, I, R
Ireland Burren College of Art English Study Center
Ireland CAPA Dublin: Global Cities Program English Hybrid A, I
Israel Arava Institute for Environmental Studies English (some Hebrew or Arabic) Study Center I, R
Israel University of Haifa International School English (some Hebrew or Arabic) Direct Enroll I, L, R
Italy The Umbra Institute: General Studies Program

(Food & Sustainability Studies, Independent Studies, Music, Multicultural Psychology)

The Umbra Institute: Direct Enrollment

(University of Perugia, Academy of Fine Arts, or University for Foreigners)



Study Center



C, L, R, S

A, C, L

Japan Kansai Gaidai University: Asian Studies Program English (some Japanese) Direct Enroll A, C, L
Jordan CIEE Amman: Middle East Studies English (some Arabic) Study Center C, L
Morocco SIT Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity

SIT Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights

English (some Arabic) Study Center C, I, L, R
Namibia CGEE Southern Africa: Nation-Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind English Study Center I
Netherlands Maastricht University: Center for European Studies English Direct Enroll A
Panama SFS Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies English (some Spanish) Study Center L, R
Peru SFS Peru: Biology & Development in the Amazon English Study Center I, L, R
Rwanda SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration and Peace Building English Study Center C, I, L, R
Senegal CIEE Dakar: Language & Culture

CIEE Dakar: Development Studies

French, English and Wolof Study Center A, C, I, R
Serbia SIT Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans: English Study Center C, I, R
South Africa CIEE Cape Town: Arts & Sciences English Hybrid A, C
South Africa AIFS: Stellenbosch University Service Learning Certificate Program

AIFS: Stellenbosch University General Studies

English Hybrid H, S
South Korea CIEE Seoul: Arts & Sciences English, Korean Hybrid L
Spain CIEE Seville: Multiple tracks English,Spanish Hybrid A, C, L, I
Thailand CIEE Khon Kaen English Study Center C, L
U.K. – England Advanced Studies in England (ASE) English Study Center C, I, R
U.K. – England CAPA London Global Cities Program

CAPA London Institute Programs

(global business, community engagement, creative arts)

*Internship required

English Study Center C, I, S
U.K. – England London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE): General Course

*3.5 gpa required; full year program only

English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – England SOAS University of London English Direct Enroll A, R
U.K. – England University of Sussex English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – England University of East Anglia English Direct Enroll A
U.K. – Scotland University of Stirling English Direct Enroll A, C
United States AU Washington Semester Program English Direct Enroll I
United States CFSI: Semester in the City English Study Center I
United States The Washington Center for Internships English Study Center I
Vietnam CET Vietnam: Development Studies English Study Center