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A Verdict and the Work Still Ahead

This evening, we learned of the verdict in the trial of the police officer who took George Floyd’s life through an act of police brutality, shocking for its inhumanity. While nothing can ease the pain of the senseless loss of Mr. Floyd, we hope the decision by the jury to hold Mr. Floyd’s killer accountable and to bring justice for his killing provides some comfort to his family, friends, and loved ones. For our country, we hope this will mark the beginning of a healing process and be a catalyst for systemic change.

Through George Floyd’s killing, as a nation, as a University, as individuals we have been – once again – confronted with the ugly reality of anti-Black violence. The truth is that our system of justice is unjust for far too many people in this country simply because of the color of their skin. Despite the outcome of this trial, that truth will not change. These injustices continue to deprive too many individuals of their full humanity and, indeed, their very lives.

This is a turning point in our national reckoning. We must not only name the victims of these violent acts. We must also name the underlying, pervasive impact of systemic racism and acknowledge that racism exists everywhere, including on our own campus. The work to build a more just society and a more just university community is far from complete. We must redouble our commitment.

So, too, must we acknowledge the fear, anger, and grief that many BIPOC members of our community are feeling. We absolutely understand that words alone cannot address this pain and heartache. We support you and we stand in solidarity with you.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support will offer processing spaces for students, faculty, and staff. Details about this, as well as other opportunities to engage and support one another, will follow.

If you feel you need immediate support, we urge you to reach out. You may contact the Center for Professional Growth and Counseling and the University’s Employee Assistance Program.

Signed in unity by members of the Clark University Leadership Team,

David Fithian

Davis Baird

Yuko Aoyama
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Associate Provost

Edward Carr
Director, Department of International Development, Community, and Environment

David Chearo
Vice President for Planning and Strategic Initiatives

Donna Curry
Interim Dean of Students, Associate Provost

Gino Dilorio
Chair of the Faculty

Alan Eisner
Dean of the School of Management

Jack Foley
Vice President of Government and Community Affairs

Jill Friedman
Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Jeff Gillooly
Vice President for University Advancement

Betsy Huang
Dean of the College, Associate Provost

Esther Jones
Dean of the Faculty, Associate Provost

Joseph Kalinowski
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO

John LaBrie
Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Associate Provost

Lynn Levey
Title IX Coordinator

Danielle Manning
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Meredith Twombly
Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Katrina Banks-Binici
Director of Presidential Support