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Update Regarding Smoking on Campus

To Students, Faculty and Staff,

We are writing to inform you that as of today, Clark is a smoke-free campus. Smoking of any kind, including any electronic nicotine-delivery system or smoking device, is prohibited for the entire campus community in or within close proximity to all Clark facilities, Clark-owned or -leased properties, and areas occupied or controlled by the University — both indoors and outdoors.

Our motivation to implement the smoke-free policy rests with the concern for the health and well-being of the Clark community, which is already challenged by the prospect of COVID-19. It is our shared responsibility to protect ourselves and one another on this campus, and that means controlling and mitigating risks wherever possible.

The health threats posed by second-hand smoke are well-established. The science is less settled regarding smoking and the spread of coronavirus, but medical professionals note the virus’ symptoms are harsher on lungs already compromised by smoking, and that bringing your fingers to your mouth and face when smoking increases the risk of spread.

As a campus community shaped by respect and care for one another, it is important that we show support and consideration for those who will find this new policy a personal challenge. Together, we will continue to cultivate a healthy learning and working environment for all.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in making Clark smoke-free.

David Fithian, President

Davis Baird, Provost

Dennis Keefe, Chief Health Officer

Francy Magee, Dean of Students