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Financial Support

Due to generous alumni gifts, Multicultural and First Generation Student Support is able to offer a limited number of annual scholarships to support students in accomplishing their goals. Students of color and/or first generation Clark University undergraduates may apply for these scholarships in order to make co-curricular experiences more financially accessible. The number of scholarships and the amount awarded will vary based on factors including, but not limited to student financial need, the strength of the student proposal and the number of requests received. However, grants will rarely exceed $2500.

Commonly funded experiences might include:

  • Travel costs affiliated with a study abroad experience
  • Support with accommodation costs during a low-paid or unpaid internship
  • Costs affiliated with living experiences while participating in an academic research fellowship or graduate preparation program
  • Supplemental funding required for a LEEP project
  • Financial support for Visa costs related to study abroad or international research


As a required component of receiving these scholarships, students will be expected to submit a 2-3 page reflection at the culmination of the experience. The reflection paper should address how the experience (such as study abroad or research) enhanced their leadership, professional or academic goals, accompanied by 2-3 images* that encapsulate the experience. Please note that this reflection may be shared with others in the community. Students will also be expected to support Multicultural and First Generation Student Support efforts to enhance future participation in these programs or grants, such as sitting on a panel, or promoting resources via social media, as their schedule allows.


Students applying for these scholarships must be currently enrolled undergraduates at Clark University in Worcester, MA and identify as first generation and/or a student of color. Priority will be given to students who have taken advantage of and supported other resources offered through Multicultural and First Generation Student Support. To apply, you will need to complete one of the two applications below, which include an uploaded budget request.

To apply for study abroad funding, you will need to complete this online application, which includes an uploaded budget request: Study Abroad Funding Application.

To apply for internship or research funding, you will need to complete this application, which includes an uploaded budget request: Internship or Research Funding Application.

*Images and materials submitted may be used to promote these opportunities at Clark.

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