University Marketing and Communications

Clark University Logo Guidelines

The Clark University logo serves to identify the university in all forms of communications.

Clark University logo with motto

Horizontal Logo with Motto (Preferred)


Clark University logo - horizontalHorizontal Logo

Clark University logo - Vertical

Vertical Logo

DO's and DON'Ts

Sample of old defunct logos Sample of old defunct logos

To help unify a "One Clark" brand identity, please adhere to these DO's and DON'Ts. Directly below are outdated Clark University identifiers. Please discontinue future use when updating new materials. To download logo files please log in with your University credentials on the right of the page.

Sample of Presidential Seal

The Clark University seal is reserved for Limited Use Only on legal documents, commencement materials, and for communications from the Offices of the President and Board of Trustees.


Color Logo Approved Uses

These are the (4) approved logo color schemes:

Samples of correct color usage for logos

ATTENTION: LOGO SPACING is important to sustaining brand recognition. Please ensure the logo has adequate "clear space" around it. At any given logo size, the height of the "1887" text box represents the "clear space" needed around the logo. The example below shows how the required spacing around the logo is measured. The red outside dotted lines represent the "clear space" required around all logo and logo with tagline uses. Text, photos, etc. cannot be placed any closer than the outside dotted lines.

Spacing guidelines for logo