The LEEP Center is here to support you as you explore the wide variety of experiential learning opportunities. 

Services we deliver:

LEEP Center Advising

Your LEEP Center Adviser has your back at all times and will always be available to help you with your many choices.

Community connections

There are many ways you can get involved off campus to enhance your on-campus experience.

Grant, fellowship, and scholarship proposal review

We will help you make sure your proposal is as strong as possible.

Interest inventories

Discovering and developing your interests and passions will help guide your academic and co-curricular experiences at Clark.

Mock interviews

We can help you prepare for a job or internship interview.

Personal statement review

When applying for graduate school, scholarships, or other competitive situations, your personal statement can make a big difference.

Resume and cover letter review

We will help you create a clear, cogent, and compelling resume and cover letter.

Writing assistance

We offer a range of resources to help you with your writing, including the Writing Center.

Employment search

If you’re looking for a job, on campus or off, we can help you explore your options.

Graduate school applications

We can help you prepare your application to graduate school.