Opportunities for Experience

Learning takes many forms and can happen in diverse contexts. In the same way that learning to drive requires both mastering the rules of the road and gaining practical experience behind the wheel, we believe you will become more well-rounded and well-educated by having a range of learning experiences both within and outside the classroom.

Opportunities for learning experiences:

Student employment

Designed to help students grow and succeed, employment opportunities allow you to work on campus and in community organizations, providing direct work experience, valuable contacts, and even some income.

Competitive summer programs

These off-campus opportunities provide professional development and a stipend for students with specific academic and career interests.


Interning builds professional skills and provides career-related work experience. It’s possible to receive academic credit for your internship, and while many are unpaid, there are awards that can provide funding to help with costs.

Study abroad or away

Living and learning in other countries or parts of the U.S. is a transformational experience. You will return with new skills and knowledge, as well as increased confidence and maturity – everything employers look for.

Peer learning and teaching

Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) create a bridge between faculty and students, and engage in peer mentoring. You get as much as you give, helping others while developing the skill to achieve your own success.

Shadowing and mentoring

You can learn about potential career paths by getting an inside look at how professionals go about their business. Shadowing allows you to form supportive mentoring relationships as you explore your academic and professional interests.

Student ventures

You can engage in entrepreneurial projects that build valuable organizational skills and make an impact on the community. Starting from the ground up with a business plan, you will make connections and ultimately launch your project.

Undergraduate research

In many schools, meaningful research is only done by graduate students. At Clark, you can be on the front lines of discovery and innovation by working with faculty researchers on their projects. You can even design your own!


You can get involved in the community, working for causes and issues that you are passionate about, and supporting local organizations. Volunteering also demonstrates to future employers that you are community-minded and committed to a philosophy of engaged citizenship.