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At many colleges and universities, student research is available only to graduate students and post-docs. Clark offers undergraduate students the rare and valuable opportunity to become involved in faculty-led research or to design their own research projects at any time during their four years at the University. Conducting research builds important skills for career success, and offers the excitement of being connected to the discovery of new knowledge.

Develop an undergraduate research project

Explore your interests by reading up on research that is relevant to your academic and personal interests; some useful resources are academic journals and the Clark University Digital Commons, where you can browse research and publications by fellow Clarkies. Read an issue of the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal to become familiar with some current Clark research projects. Attend Fall Fest and Academic Spree Day to meet peers who are pursuing innovative, creative, and exciting self-designed projects.

Meet with your LEEP Center Adviser to discuss your interests and get started designing and implementing an undergraduate research project.

Contact professors who can steer you in the direction of a new or ongoing project. Explain your interest and ask if they can give you advice on how to pursue an independent research project. Don’t forget to ask if they need research assistants in their lab.

Take a capstone course that will allow you to formulate and answer a research question through investigative papers, scholarly presentations, and independent research. This experience will prepare you for future research projects and allow you to strengthen your research and writing skills.

Consider Academic Fellowships. Once you have an idea of an independent research project, LEEP Center staff will be happy to review your project design, ensure that it is feasible, identify your options, and help you apply for funding.

Consider an Honors Thesis. Typically, honors theses must be proposed by spring of your junior year and are then completed throughout the duration of your senior year. Talk to your academic advisor about a topic that you have in mind and create a research question that you would like to answer.