Information Technology Services

Data Security Definitions

Data Ownership
Clark University is considered the data owner of all institutional data; individual units or departments may have stewardship responsibilities for portions of the data.
Data Administration
Responsibility for the activities of data administration is shared among the Data Managers, Data Custodians, The Information Security Officer and the Information Security Task Force.
Data Managers
Defined in Data Security Roles & Responsibilities
Data Custodian
Defined in Data Security Roles & Responsibilities
Data Users
Defined in Data Security Roles & Responsibilities
Information Security Officer
Defined in Data Security Roles & Responsibilities
Protected Health Information
"Protected Health Information" or PHI is all individually identifiable information that relates to the health or health care of an individual and is protected under federal or state law.
Regulation Monitors
Defined in Data Security Roles & Responsibilities
Student Records
"Student Records" are those that are required to be maintained as non-public by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Student Records include Clark-held student transcripts (official and unofficial), and Clark-held records related to (i) academic advising, (ii) health/disability, (iii) academic probation and/or suspension, (iv) conduct (including disciplinary actions), and (v) directory information maintained by the Registrar's Office and requested to be kept confidential by the student. Applications for student admission are not considered to be Student Records unless and until the student attends Clark.
Qualified Machine
A "Qualified Machine" is a computing device located in a secure facility, that is managed by Information Technology Services (ITS) or has access control protections that meet Clark ITS standards.
Computing Equipment
"Computing Equipment" is any Clark or non-Clark desktop, laptop, or portable device or system.

Date of Creation: February 25, 2009
Date of Last Revision: October 14, 2009