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Reducing Spam

Want to report a phishing scam or check on recent scams sent to Clarkies? 
Check out Clark’s own Phishnet!

Spam is unsolicited and unwanted email, period. Clark uses filtering services to help control the amount of spam/junk e-mail messages that are delivered to your inbox.

How does it work?

The Clark spam filtering service is controlled via OWA, categorizing all emails sent to University email addresses with a filtering score and putting the ones that it interprets as “spam” into a Junk Mail folder.

Can I do even more to increase filtering levels on my mailbox?

Filtering is turned on by default for all mailboxes at Clark. Primary filtering on your mailbox is set in OWA. You can manage filtering levels as well as “blocked/safe sender” lists in it as well.

If you are using full Outlook client, there is an additional Junk Email filter you may choose to use. This is set within Outlook and can be set to No Automatic Filtering, Low, High, Safe Senders Only. Even though the Outlook Junk E-Mail settings are independent from OWA, the Safe and Blocked sender lists are synchronized between OWA and Outlook.  If you add them in Outlook, they’ll be synchronized with OWA.

What if I forward my email to a non-Clark email address?

If a you forward your Clark email, SPAM will be forwarded. Whatever outside service you use and the filters associated with that service will be applied.

What if I want to opt out of SPAM/junk e-mail filtering?

ITS doesn’t recommend opting out, doing so could result in a high volume of unsolicited and sometimes egregious/offensive junk e-mail being delivered to your inbox. If you do choose to opt out, you may set your mailbox not to filter by following the instructions below.

User Guides for Clark Spam/Junk Mail Filtering

Topic Guides
How to see messages in the Junk Mail Folder PDF
Marking messages as “junk”, blocking senders, marking safe senders PDF
Managing blocked/safe senders/junk mail lists PDF
Turn junk e-mail filtering off PDF


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