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Information Technology Services (ITS) provides centralized network file storage, sharing and backup services to individuals, groups and departments across the University. The various types of storage options are listed below.

If you need help deciding which of the options below is best for your needs, please contact our Tech Trainer.

File Storage Options

OneDrive file storage is available to students, faculty and staff and is included in the Office 365 tool set. OneDrive allows easy file-sharing and live collaboration with peers.

Microsoft Teams is available to students, faculty and staff and is included in the Office 365 tool set. Teams allows file storage, sharing and collaboration options

A personal file share  is a private, network-based file storage area for faculty, and staff. Think of your file share as a hard drive on the Clark network. The files you place in your personal file share can be accessed only by you. When you are logged in, with your Clark Account, to a Windows computer that is a member of the domain (such as those in administrative or faculty offices or tech spaces), your personal file share will map automatically as the “M:/” drive.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff
  • Default storage space: 750 MB


Class files shares, for course-related student data storage, are available to faculty who teach courses where students generate data and require a place to store the data during the course. Space is assigned to each student along with “modify” access granted on a per-student basis. Class file shares are considered temporary file shares and will be removed (deleting all content in the file share) 20 days after completion of the course.


Academic and administrative departments can request file shares for groups of faculty, staff, or student workers to use. All users in the group must have a Clark Account and files in this storage space are shared among those approved by the owner. The access options are “Read-Only,” or “Full.” This access can be granted on a person-by-person basis, to groups, or to everyone; access on an individual file or directory basis is not available.


Research files shares are available to faculty and staff associated with sponsored research projects. As with other shares, access permission can be configured on a per-user basis.

  • Available to: Faculty
  • Default storage space: 500 MB.

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