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Media Services is a department that supports AV needs across campus – in the classrooms, at major events, and for curricular and extracurricular projects.

Click here for more information on how Media Services can support your events. 

Lending Library

Media Services offers an equipment-lending inventory that may be utilized for academic and administrative (including short-term use for academic projects) purposes and/or for use while traveling on University business.

The lending items include:

  • Laptops
  • Projectors
  • Recording and playback devices
  • Microphones
  • DVD players (including region free models)
  • iPads
  • And more….

See the pricing table  for a list of services and equipment available for reservation/delivery. If you are looking for something not on the list, please check with our office. We often have it, but haven’t listed it.

Scheduling the use of Media Services equipment or services is simple. You may:

  1. drop by our offices on the ground floor of Jonas Clark Hall;
  2. call us at 1-508-793-7724;
  3. email us at

Media Services will confirm all reservations via email once we enter them into our reservation system. This generally happens within one business day of a request. If you do not receive a confirmation, please call to follow-up on your request.

All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For reservations of equipment or services that involve staffing/delivery/software installation, we request approximately 2 weeks notice. If you do not require delivery, feel free to contact us with as little as one business day’s notice. Assuming inventory availability we should be able to meet your needs.

In cases where a faculty member is requiring or suggesting students make use of Media Services equipment to complete projects, we request that the faculty member give us advance notice so that we can ensure we have adequate resources available to accommodate potential need.

In the case of recurring requests for projector/laptops or laptop carts, we will first look to meet requests in one of the university’s technology-equipped classrooms or teaching labs.

Weather and building conditions impact our ability to deliver equipment. If we are unable to meet your needs or accommodate your reservation, we will let you know as soon as possible and work with you as best we can to find an alternative solution.

Pricing Information

Tier Explanations

Tier 1 pricing is generally applied to equipment reserved by departments or offices at the University for educational or administrative function.

The term “educational” is generally understood to include services required for courses, course delivery and/or directly related course activities. It may also include educational activities organized by Student Life, Human Resources, Career Services, etc.

It does not generally apply to events such as Commencement, Alumni Weekend, Orientation, etc.)

Tier 2 pricing is generally applied to equipment or services reserved for University events that are open to the public and University-related use that is neither course related nor administrative in nature.

These “fee for use” activities might include but are not limited to: Alumni events, public lectures or concerts, entertainment functions sponsored by student organizations, events funded or associated with grants, etc.

Tier 2 would also include use by non-profit groups hosting an event at Clark affiliated with a department or individual.

Tier 3 pricing is generally applied to equipment or services reserved for events characterized as “external”.

Labor & Services

Table Footer

wdt_ID Category Item Description Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1 Labor Delivery, Setup & Takedown $25/hr in non-regular service hours $35/hr $55/hr
2 Labor Proctoring, Equipment Operator, Technical (3 hr min) $35/hr $45/hr $55/hr
3 Labor Technical Consulting, Project Planning, Professional Services $35/hr $45/hr $200/hr
4 Rooms (classrooms/labs/other) General “Smart” Classrooms no charge no charge $200
5 Rooms (classrooms/labs/other) Labs (JC103, JC105) no charge no charge $25 per computer
6 Rooms (classrooms/labs/other) Wireless network access for events/conference participants $100 $200 $300
7 Service Video production, single camera + media (off campus locations – add travel time)*** $100/hr $125/hr. $200/hr
8 Service Video production, 2 cameras + media (off campus locations – add travel time, 3 hour minimum in non standard hours) Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
9 Service Digital video editing and/or authoring (a minimum of 4 hours editing time is generally required for projects) $55/hr $65/hr $125/hr
10 Service DVD with label and case $10.00 $10.00 $10.00

Poster Printing

Table Footer

wdt_ID Category Item Description Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1 Poster Printing Poster Tube Accommodates 36″ & 42″ prints 5 per tube 5 per tube 10 per tube
2 Poster Printing Paper Glossy Paper 42″ 14.50 per linear ft. 14.50 per linear ft. 45 per linear ft.
3 Poster Printing Paper Glossy Paper 36″ 12.50 per linear ft. 12.50 per linear ft. 40 per linear ft.
4 Poster Printing Paper Heavy Bond Matte Paper 42″ 7.25 per linear ft. 7.25 per linear ft. 35 per linear ft.
5 Poster Printing Paper Heavy Bond Matte Paper 36″ 6.25 per linear ft. 6.25 per linear ft. 30 per linear ft.

Equipment for Reservation

Table Footer

wdt_ID Equipment Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1 Television with VCR/DVD player no charge 30 65
2 DVD player no charge 15 30
3 Regon Free DVD Player no charge 15 30
4 VHS VCR no charge 15 30
5 Laptop computer (PC) no charge 40 110
6 Data/Video projector no charge 35 80
7 35mm slide projector no charge 20 45
8 Overhead projector (transparencies) no charge 15 30
9 Document Camera no charge 20 45
10 Projection screen (6′ or 4′) no charge 15 30

Contact Information

ITS Help Desk

Call or Email
Help Desk Hours
  • Summer 2023

    Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

    Hours may vary on university holidays.