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Accessing Banner

To obtain access to Banner a user must:

  1. Download the access form and fill it out according to the steps outlined on the form.
  2. Banner Area Coordinators assign the privileges a user should have based upon the privileges necessary to perform their assigned duties.
  3. Once all of the appropriate signatures have been obtained, the signed form should be sent to the Director of Administrative Information Services (AIS) for account creation.
  4. The form will be assigned to the DBA/Application Administrator and they will create the user in Banner and assign requested access role(s).  If there are questions, the Director of AIS will contact the Banner Area Coordinators for confirmation.
  5. Once access is granted, AIS will notify the user directly with account information.

Additional Banner Access

When additional Banner access privileges are required, a user would make a request through his/her department head and then through the Banner Area Coordinator. The latter sends an email to AIS requesting that the requested access is granted.

Banner Access to Budget Data

Access to a Banner budget account is granted by the University Controller. It is granted only to specific accounts designated by her. To obtain such access, a user would:

  1. Download and complete the Banner Finance Access form.
  2. Obtain the required signatures.
  3. Return the form to the University Controller who will grant access.

Removing Banner Privileges

  • Although Human Resources will notify AIS when an employee is leaving Clark, department supervisors are encouraged to notify AIS of the date when an employee will leave their position for another position within the University or leave Clark. The employee’s access to Banner will be terminated on that date. It is particularly important to know this information for part-time and temporary employees.
  • Banner access roles do not carry with a person from one position to another within Clark. When a person leaves a position for another, he/she will be granted only the access required for the new position based upon the determination made by the Banner Area Coordinator. Previously held access will be removed from the employee’s privileges unless otherwise directed by an Area Coordinator.
  • The DBA/Application Administrator is responsible for insuring Banner security. He/she is authorized to remove privileges in the case of improper usage or inappropriate access.

Banner Support

Banner with Browsers

Internet Explorer 7 and later versions have the ability to open multiple browser sessions in tabs rather than in separate windows. If Banner is open in one of those tabs and you close IE, you will lose your Banner session. How do you avoid that? You have two options:

  • The best solution is to retrain yourself to close tabs rather than Internet Explorer itself. To do so, click the x in the upper right hand of that particular tab.
  • Alternatively, you can change your IE settings to allow each new browser session to open in a new window. To do this, open IE and go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Tab Settings, and check off the box that says Open links from other programs in:  A new window.
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