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Healthy Clark Dashboard and Healthy Clark COVID Plan

All matriculated international students enrolled in classes at Clark for a semester or more are required to be enrolled in Clark’s Student Health Insurance Plan.  In rare cases, participation in the plan may be waived if the student is carrying acceptable insurance with benefits comparable to the Clark plan.  You can read more about this and how to request a waiver.

Health care in the US can be very expensive if you do not have a good health insurance plan.  Clark’s Student Health Insurance Plan will provide you with coverage that is designed to minimize your out-of-pocket cost for health care.

Your Student Health Insurance Plan is administered by University Health Plans. Complete information about your benefits and coverage is available from UHP.  Questions about enrollment and eligibility should be directed to UHP. Health Services is your first stop for any of your health care needs while on campus.

If you lose your health insurance card, contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA at 888-753-6615 to request a replacement card.

Graduating students applying for Optional Practical Training are not eligible to continue their Student Health Insurance.  If health insurance is not available through your employer’s benefits, we highly recommend purchasing health insurance that will provide coverage during your OPT period.  You may want to contact a few different insurance providers to compare plans and rates before you enroll.  Several reputable health insurance providers include:

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