Dean of Students

Reporting a Sexual Assault

Reporting a sexual assault is a choice that only you can make. Should you decide to report your assault to the University Police and/or the Dean of Students Office, please understand that your confidentiality will be protected every step of the way . Filing a report with the university or filing criminal charges are ways that a survivor can regain control of his/her life while holding their assailant accountable for his/her actions. The decision to report belongs to the survivor.

Dean of Students Office

Seeking the support and counsel of the Dean of Students is a highly recommended, confidential option to all victims of sexual assault. A Dean is on-call 24-hours a day, seven days a week to respond to emergencies like this and can be summoned to campus by contacting a member of the RLH staff.

Your story and identity will be kept absolutely confidential. The Dean of Students will counsel you on your options and assist you in your efforts to be safe. The Dean of Students will also explain the judicial and criminal processes to you so that you are aware of all the options available to you.

Consulting the Dean of Students does not mean you have officially reported an assault. The Dean of Students will honor your confidentiality and assist you in making a decision and getting help. The decision to file charges criminally or through the University Judicial Board belongs to you.

Please consult Synergy for a complete explanation of the judicial process.

University Police

When a sexual assault is reported, EVERY effort is made to provide support and appropriate treatment to the victim. Taking into consideration the victim's wishes, a report can be made to the Worcester Police, who can assign specially trained officers from the sexual assault unit to support the victim and investigate the criminal complaint. The University Police will keep all information confidential and work with the victim to provide any assistance and support that s/he needs in order to feel safe.