Dean of Students

Red Square Clark University Worcester MA

Mission Statement

As partners in the educational process, the Division of Student Affairs is committed to creating an environment that encourages students to become active, involved and responsible citizens in the global community. To this end, we strive to shape a community that promotes mutual respect, support for growth, and a celebration of differences. The division also fosters the development of balanced, caring and reflective individuals committed to academic and interpersonal excellence.

Guiding Principles

Co-Curricular Life
Focusing on the holistic development of students, the Division of Student Affairs strives to create an environment where students make connections with the Clark Community, expand their horizons, practice and hone their skills, and capitalize on the classroom learning process. Supporting students in both self-initiated and University-related programs and projects, we partner with students to foster personal growth and development.

The Division of Student Affairs values the collaborative and individual efforts to facilitate and promote cross-cultural dialogue and experiences throughout the Clark University community. Capitalizing on the presence of a diverse campus community, the Division seeks to infuse the ideals of intercultural understanding in all areas of campus life and student learning.

Based on the beliefs that leadership is a process and that every individual possesses leadership potential, the Division of Student Affairs cultivates student learning and practice of collaboration, trust, foresight, listening, integrity and the ethical use of knowledge and power.

Community Engagement
While respecting the need for individual expression, the Division of Student Affairs believes that student growth is enhanced by being actively engaged with others. Towards this end, the Division challenges and supports students to contribute to and sustain vibrant, productive communities