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President’s Diversity Advisory Council

Under Professor Betsy Huang, founding Chief Officer of Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) at Clark, the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CD or CDI) was formed to assist the CODI in carrying out the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s aims and setting benchmarks. The CDI’s charge was to gather information, discuss plans, recommend policies, gain support, and ensure that goals were implemented. Drawing on this background, we have created the President’s Diversity Advisory Council (PDAC) as a successor of the CDI with expanded membership and an updated charge. The Committee on Campus Climate will continue its work and collaborate with PDAC.

The formation of PDAC will use the foundation already built at Clark with the CDI. Membership includes faculty, administrators, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, community members, and alumni. The overarching responsibility for the Council is to provide campus
leadership with advice and recommendations about best practices in creating a diverse and inclusive campus community. PDAC will be co-chaired by President David Angel and CODI Sheree Ohen.

PDAC Charge

The charge of the President’s Diversity Advisory Council (PDAC) is to:

  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of Clark University in creating conditions that advance diversity and inclusion that will best support the mission of the University and provide equal opportunities to all Clark’s students, faculty and staff.
  • Lead efforts to evaluate and promote a healthy campus climate. Identify, evaluate and share best practices in efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate—looking broadly at other institutions, both public and private, inside and outside higher education, across the state and the nation. In accomplishing this work, PDAC will work collaboratively with the Committee on Campus Climate.
  • Evaluate existing policies, programs, and organizational structures that promote diversity and inclusion and recommend additional policies, programming and institutional changes to continue to ensure proactive engagement in creating a healthy campus community.
  • Generate innovate thinking and offer solutions to assist in the resolution of campus climate issues.
  • Partner with identified campus groups and departments based on campus specific needs or climate studies to foster community building and engagement through inclusion.
  • Pursue and fulfill other diversity-related initiatives identified by the President.

The broader Council will convene at least four times per academic year with subgroup meetings monthly or bimonthly with subgroup chairs based on specific initiatives.

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