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Faculty and Staff

Professor Laurie Ross with mother holding child

As part of the LEEP Student Success Network, the Community Engagement and Volunteering Center can complement and support your research and coursework in Worcester, particularly in Main South.

How We Support Faculty and Staff

Many of Clark’s faculty and staff have long, thoughtfully cultivated relationships with the local community, and provide students with high-impact educational opportunities by combining real-world experience with classroom theory.

The Community Engagement and Volunteering Center can support this work further through the resources below.

Collecting and Sharing Information

We use Handshake to catalog information about opportunities for students to work with and volunteer for local community organizations. You can request an account to view our curated lists of organizations and opportunities. If you’re searching for specific information to support a course, you also can reach out to us directly.

In the interest of strong, campuswide communication and to facilitate accurate reporting, please keep the Community Engagement and Volunteering Center informed of any courses you instruct with a community involvement component.

Local Knowledge Database

The Community Engagement and Volunteering Center manages the Local Knowledge collection in the Clark Digital Commons, an online research repository.

If you have conducted research in the Worcester community, please consider submitting your work, and encourage students in your courses to do the same. To reduce the neighborhood’s research fatigue, we suggest consulting this collection before starting a new community-based research project.

Contact Information

Community Engagement and Volunteering

Reach Out
  • Shaich Family Alumni and Student Engagement Center (ASEC), 209B
  • Drop-In Hours:
    Weekdays, 12 – 2 p.m.
  • community[at]clarku[dot]edu
  • 1-508-793-8815