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Jump into Clark

Congratulations! You’ve found your home at Clark. Transferring to a new school can be an exciting time. You can start over with new friends, new programs, and new professors. Although you may be looking forward to everything new, we realize it also can feel overwhelming at times to navigate a new campus. We’re here to make it easier!

Academic Advising: Ready, Get Set, Go!

Make your first semester everything you want it to be; start preparing now for your academic life at Clark by completing important tasks during May, June and July.

In all phases of advising — during the summer before you start at Clark, throughout your first semester, and all the way up to graduation — your advisers will help you plan every step of your education.

Phases of Academic Advising

  1. Transfer students who have not taken a writing course at their previous institution need to complete the writing placement process before they meet with their academic adviser.
  2. Complete the online Summer Advising and Registration Tutorial, which will introduce you to Clark’s course requirements. At the end of the tutorial, you will be prompted to schedule an advising appointment with your summer adviser.
  3. In preparation for these advising conversations, it is important that you complete the Academic Adviser Information Form. It is due on June 30, 2021. Your summer adviser will also review your high school transcripts, application essays, and other admissions materials to help you make course selections and plan for the future.
  4. In preparation for your summer advising appointment, you should read about Clark’s undergraduate curriculum. Next, review the Fall Semester Course Offerings (to become available later this spring) and start to think about which courses interest you. For advice about balancing your courses as you meet Clark’s requirements, check out the the Academic Advising Handbook (available on the Academic Advising Resources page). Consider making a list of questions for your advising appointment.
  5. Your summer advising appointment will consist of a phone call or Web chat between June 14 and July 23, 2021. You’ll also be able to contact your summer adviser by email. Summer advisers are faculty and advising fellows specially trained to help you choose your first-semester courses and plan your academic program. The advising fellows are recent Clark undergraduate degree recipients who are entering the Accelerated Degree Program to pursue master’s degrees at Clark.
  6. Your summer adviser will give you permission to register for fall courses. Course Registration information will be available on the Registrar’s Office website and on ClarkYOU/CUWeb (Clark log-in needed).

Our academic advising team will let you know the best option for you:

  • If you are transferring to Clark in your first year, you will start with pre-major advising as part of  your First-Year Intensive course.
  • If you are transferring later in your college career, as a sophomore or above, you will work with an adviser for your intended or declared major. Please note that you will need to officially declare your major.

For additional information about selecting and declaring a major, see the Academic Advising Handbook (available on the Academic Advising Resources page).

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Undergraduate Curriculum

As you prepare to sign up for classes and begin planning your course of study, get to know Clark’s undergraduate curriculum and see what sparks your interest.

When is fall break? When are finals?

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