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Seminars and Workshops

Starting November 2022, and due to rearrangements of the funding by the Leir Foundation, the workshops/faculty conferences will no longer be supported. However, the commitment to Clark’s participation in the Trans Atlantic Dialogue (TAD) Conference (for May 2024) was made in 2019 and postponed due to the pandemic. Therefore, CU participation in the TAD will take place in May of 2024.

For the Summer/Fall of 2023, we will hold the last faculty workshop/conference of the four workshop/conferences that had been accepted to be held for 2020 and 2021. All four had to be postponed, and three of them were held in the summer of 2022 – with one left over for this Summer/Fall.

The LLP-CU offers Clark faculty the opportunity to run conferences or workshops in Luxembourg. In order to enhance relations between Clark and Luxembourg, Clark faculty members frequently pair up with contact persons from Luxembourg’s academic and professional worlds. Usually, conferences or workshops run from three to four days and involve scholars and professionals from around the world. Frequently, publications emerge from these meetings, as ties among colleagues are deepened.

Past Workshops

June 17-20, 2022
Professor Benjamin Korstvedt and Professor Wiebke Deimling

Varieties of Sublime Experience

July 8-11, 2022
Professor Kristina Wilson

Race in the History of Design: Objects, Identity, Methodologies

July 15-18, 2022
Professor Mary Ellen Boyle, School of Management

The Scholarship of Global Liberal Education: Establishing an Engaged Research Agenda

June 14-17, 2019
Professor Johanna Vollhardt, Psychology

Resistance in the Context of Collective Violence

June 27-30, 2019
Professor Ellen Foley, International Development, Community, and Environment

Feminist Explorations in Populationism

Contact Information

Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Luxembourg Program