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Succeed at Clark University

WHY You Will Succeed

At the LEEP Center, we provide you with the advising, experiences and resources you need to make the most of your time at Clark. Regular engagement with the LEEP Center lets you:

  • Plan your personal educational journey
  • Identify cocurricular experiences that align with your academic, personal and career ambitions
  • Make valuable connections with professors, alumni, businesses and community organizations in your field
  • Take advantage of the vast opportunities available at Clark
  • Ensure you meet your most ambitious goals

We encourage you to take advantage of everything the LEEP Center makes available and easily accessible. Determining your LEEP goals early, and making a plan to meet them, lets you build a solid foundation of experiences and learning for a successful career and meaningful life.

Planning and learning with the LEEP Center will help you succeed in a number of potential avenues for life after Clark:

  • Career options
    Utilize the LEEP Center's individual counseling, resume critique service, mock interviews, a variety of online resources and additional recruiting services to assist you in your job search.
  • Accelerated BA/MA 5th year program
    Meet the program eligibility, accelerate your studies (with the fifth year tuition-free) and enhance your credentials for the job market through one of Clark's combined B.A./Master's programs.
  • Graduate school
    Discuss your graduate school options with an adviser so you can develop a plan for completing the application process early.
  • Year of service
    Take a year off after graduation and explore a field, or travel the world — a year or more of service may be exactly what you need.