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Staff Spotlight

Meet the Newest Staff Members at the International Center!

Get to know the newest staff members at the Clark University International Center!
Photo of Ercan Balci
Ercan Balci, ALCI Assistant Director

A little about Ercan

Ercan is the Assistant Director of the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI). Ercan oversees the ALCI curriculum and manages ALCI programs abroad. Ercan studied languages at the BA, MA, and PhD levels in Istanbul, Turkey, his country of origin. An international soul, Ercan relishes discovering and interacting with the rich tapestry of cultures and languages that make up our world. Ercan has traveled the breadth of Europe and the Americas.

What brought Ercan to the International Center?

Ercan has always eagerly facilitated student language acquisition and study. Previously to his work at the International Center, Ercan worked at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champain as well as serving as the director of Brown University’s Center for Language Studies. At Clark, Ercan continues help students acquire language skills critical to both academics and global understanding.

How has Ercan served the global Community?

In every one of his professional roles, Ercan has strived to encourage trans-institutional international collaboration, increase the visibility and diversity of languages and cultures on campus, and strengthen language teaching programs. Ercan is a global citizen who serves students where ever he goes.

Photo of Justin Balcourt
Justin Balcourt, ALCI Assistant Director

A little about Justin

Justin is an enthusiastic language learner and the Assistant Director of the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI). He runs the campus-based English for Academic Success and Pathway programs. Studying internationally can be both monumentally difficult and rewarding, and it is international students’ desire to challenge themselves and experience new cultures and environments that draws Justin to working with international aspiring scholars. In addition to being an excellent teacher and language learner, Justin is a guitar virtuoso performing as part of a Connecticut-based band at local bars, eateries, and breweries.

What brought Justin to the American Language and Culture Institute?

Justin has long been interested in language and cultural exchange. During his undergraduate studies, he earned a degree in German Poetry, Literature, and Language from Hunter University. He has studied at the University of Paedagogische Hochschule, where he supported staff at his host university and tutored fellow students in English. Justin has a Master’s degree in linguistics from Newcastle University. Justin is TEFL certified, and has taught abroad at Kindai University in Osaka, Japan and as an ESL instructor at Mt St. Vincent in New York.

How has Justin served the global Community?

Justin is polyglot, speaking with varying degrees of proficiency in English, German, Russian, Japanese, and Icelandic. Justin knows firsthand the wonders and frustrations of learning new languages. As an ESL teacher and a German instructor, he has helped expand world views and build bridges in ways only language acquisition can facilitate. Justin continues to help students reach their goals and communicate across languages in his new role at ALCI.

Hadley Kyle
Hadley Kyle, IC Program Coordinator

A little about Hadley

Hadley is the International Center Program Coordinator. A Clark alumna, Hadley has returned to the university to serve the international student community. At the International Center, she builds the programming that helps bind and build the invaluable international student community that makes the Clark experience so unique.

What Brought Hadley to the International Center at Clark University?

Hadley has been interested in international education for years. During high school, she traveled and taught in Zambia and Mexico, and attended a language immersion program in Spain. These early experiences gave her an understanding of the importance of international education. During her undergrad tenure at Clark, Hadley studied sociology and economics both at Clark and abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Upon graduating, she continued her studies at Clark receiving a masters in professional communications. Hadley went on to work in education administration at other educational institutions before returning to Central Mass and to Clark as a staff member.

How has Hadley served the global community?

Hadley has returned to Clark to pursue her passion for promoting international education. She is an incredible resource and team member, having experienced firsthand the wonders and struggles of studying in a new country. International education gives both international and domestic students a global perspective and opens them to new ideas, and Hadley is invaluable in making this possible for students at Clark.

Photo of Winifred Spillers
Winifred Spillers, ISSO Compliance & Support Coordinator

A little about Winnie

Winnie is the International Students and Scholars Office Compliance and Support Coordinator. Winnie has had a life-long passion for language and culture. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Area Studies from Central Connecticut State College as well as TESOL/TESL/TEFL teacher training certification received through Oxford seminars.

What brought Winnie to the International Students and Scholars Office?

A traveler herself, Winnie spent time in Taiwan after college realizing upon her arrival she spoke little Chinese, couldn’t use chopsticks, and frequently rode public transit with only a loose understanding of her destination. Since her post college adventures in Taiwan, Winne has traveled far and wide.

How has Winnie served the global community?

Before joining our team at Clark, Winnie worked in social services for twenty years serving refugees and immigrants from around the world. During this time, she provided invaluable education in both English as a Second Language and Citizenship. Additionally, Winnie worked for a program that served unaccompanied migrant and refugee children. During her travels, Winnie benefited immensely from the kindness of people in the host countries she was visiting, and has sought to pay back that kindness by helping travelers, students, refugees, and new Americans in the U.S. by providing the resources that they need. Winnie has hosted exchange visitors from regions as far flung as Guatemala, Japan, France, Sweden, Sierra Leon, the Netherlands, and Russia. Winne serves the International Students and Scholars Office with gusto and compassion and is a tremendous asset to Clark University.