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Read: "It all started at Clark," says Ron Shaich '76, the founder and longtime CEO of Panera Bread, about his company and his newest venture, Panera Cares.
Read: IDCE celebrates ten years of global impact.
Read: Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel '69 sails into uncharted energy waters.
Read: Sometimes you google a name and wind up disappointed that the person doesn't live up to his advance billing. And then there's Aaron Richard Golub '64.
Read: D'Army Bailey got booted from one university for leading civil rights protests. And then Clark came calling.
Watch: Nicholas Carr, author of "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains," discussed the ways in which our online existence is rewiring our minds, replacing deep thought with information overload, and overruling attentiveness with a steady stream of interruptions and distractions.
Read: As World War II raged, Clark’s first women athletes brought their ‘A’ game to campus
Maggie Small '10 talks about her work with the Worcester Tree Initiative, which is taking steps to repopulate local trees destroyed by the Asian Longhorned Beetle.
"Namaste" means "Welcome" in Nepali. Clark's International Development, Community and Environment Department is applying a thoughtfully practiced, proven model of community development and social change in the town of Concord, N.H., working alongside hundreds of Bhutanese refugees of Nepali descent who are striving to...
Read: Barry Lazar loves telling a good story. There's the one about the panhandlers who patrol the sidewalk outside Schwartz's Deli in Montreal...
Read: Marian Leighton Levy ’70 wandered the country in pursuit of the heart and soul of Americana music...
Watch: An overview of Clark University, its students and faculty.
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pSx2Bnr9YS8 Video of pSx2Bnr9YS8 English Professor James Elliott talks about his research on blogs as a literary form.
Organizers of Clark's annual International Gala, sponsored by the International Students Association, talk about plans for this year's gala.
"Surge in Economic Refugees Will Test Community Resources"
Read: High school teacher Chad Malone inspires his students to believe in themselves, trust others and find the courage to reach high for their futures.
Read: Darius Shirzadi co-founded an organization that uses a passion for soccer to promote educational opportunity and help at-risk kids excel in school.
Social entrepreneur Yasmin Bowers tirelessly works to consciously re-establish the ravaged infrastructure and community of post-Katrina New Orleans.
After acquiring the St. Louis Bread company in 1993, Ron Shaich '76 had a vision for something different-the now highly popular Panera Bread restaurants.