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Town Hall Questions

Oct. 29 Town Hall: Fall Move-out, Spring Move-in, and More

President David Fithian, along with deans and administrators, hosted a town hall for families of Clark students on Thursday, Oct. 29. Below are answers to the questions that were asked during that event.

More FAQs can be found at Campus Reopening Questions: Fall 2020 (information from July 20 and Aug. 10 town halls) and COVID-19 Information.

Table of Contents

Fall Move-out

Although we plan to reopen in the spring, this could change if COVID-19 numbers substantially increase over the break. Students are not required to move out entirely, but should take their valuables with them and pack up other items in boxes that will be provided so they can be shipped home if necessary.

Saturday, November 21.

College Boxes can come to campus and pick up boxes for a fee. If students work together in a group of five or more, the pick-up and drop-off fee would be waived. Students should contact College Boxes directly for more information.

Students are not required to move out their refrigerators, but must throw away perishable food items before they leave for break.

There is no assigned move out date or time. One masked person can accompany the student to help them move out their belongings.

Please email to let them know of any conflict with move-out. Students can ask for additional time for moving out by filling out the request form here.

Based on student feedback, students will be permitted to leave as many boxes or luggage as they would like in their room, provided they are packed up and able to fit on the bed. Students will receive two boxes that are 18″x18″x16″. These boxes will be delivered to the residence halls in early November and Residence Life and Housing staff will work with students to obtain their boxes. There will be a limited number of additional boxes that students may request from the RLH staff should they need them.


At this time, there is no plan for Clark University to provide transportation outside of the current shuttle system.

Students are encouraged to utilize weekends and other time outside of class to organize their belongings.

We ask that students pack up their bedding so that it can be shipped should they be unable to return in person in February.

The carts that were available during move-in will be available to students at the Higgins University Center. We anticipate them being available for most, if not all, of that week.

Any student property that is left in a room will remain in that room.

Students will be leaving campus at different times throughout the week. Students and the family member who may be coming to campus to help with move-out are required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

It is advised to pack up everything and leave behind what you are unable to take home. If you live closer to campus, you can you leave more items in the dorm since you can retrieve them if there is no return. Students can leave items on the bed — and a fridge next to the bed is fine. Students who live within a reasonable driving distance will be able to drive back to campus to collect their belongings.

Spring Move-in

If Clark moves forward with in-person courses, spring move-in will be February 18-20. Each building will be assigned a return date and those dates will be communicated to students by mid-January.

Yes, students within a reasonable driving distance will be able to drive back to campus and pick up their property.

Yes, they can contact the Dean of Students Office or the Office of Residential Life and Housing.

Academic Advising

At this point in the semester, students can petition to change their grading option to pass/fail. Requests are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Your student can email Jen Plante, Associate Dean of Academic Services, at Jen can work with your student.

Students are strongly encouraged to talk with their adviser about upcoming courses.

Registration dates can be found here.

Some professors are using the “course completion week” after Thanksgiving to give an exam or finish up final projects; other professors are using the week before Thanksgiving for this purpose.

That information isn’t available before the student registers for the course. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisers to get feedback on various courses.

During the Intersession, Clark is offering a course on Black Lives Matter and another called COVID, Power, and Inequality. The spring semester also features several courses in the Diversity and Inclusion course slate addressing this topic.


Yes. The Department of Public Health guidance is for anyone identified as a close contact to quarantine for 14 days, regardless of test results in that window.

Testing will be available during break.

Happy birthday to your student! We encourage family to meet outside the residence hall, wear masks, and practice social distancing while on or near campus. Family members are not allowed in the residence halls.

All students will be tested on their arrival and will be required to quarantine until they receive their results.

Yes, they are all doing well.

Self-quarantine is strongly encouraged. Students will also be required to participate in arrival testing and quarantine until they receive their results when they return to campus.

Yes. Students are required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines during these gatherings. Common spaces are regularly sanitized to reduce risk.

Spring 2021 Semester


This has not yet been decided, but more information will be shared once available.

Clubs are active this semester and students are allowed to have in-person events and programming. That is also the plan for the spring semester. Information regarding intramurals will be available at a later time.

The spring semester is scheduled to begin on February 22 with in-person, online, and hybrid course modalities. However, Clark will be closely tracking the course of the virus, and a significant surge in COVID-19 cases may force the University to reassess its spring plans.

November 30.

More information regarding spring sports will be available as the spring season draws closer.

Winter Intersession

Students who were full time in the Fall 2020 semester (three courses or more) can take up to 1.5 units in the intersession at no cost. Students who were part time can contact Student Accounts ( for billing questions.

All students will have equal access to register for winter intersession courses beginning on Monday, November 16.

Intersession courses are worth either 1 unit or .50 units of credit.

Intersession courses are voluntary.


Yes. Winter intersession ends February 12 and does not overlap with the spring semester.

The slate of intersession courses can be viewed here.

Some courses are pass/fail; others are letter-graded.

Residential Life and Dining

If a student is interested in housing in the spring, including any potential single spaces, they should email to inquire about availability and cost information.

Clark is constantly evaluating food options and added choices during the semester. A student who is not finding options to meet their needs can reach out to the Dining Services Manager at

Your student should be prepared to be assigned a new roommate, but it is possible that she may end up with the room to herself.

Yes, students can live off campus and participate in on-campus classes and social activities. Students who plan to participate in any on-campus activities are required to participate in Clark’s COVID-19 testing protocol.

Your student can share her concerns with her RA or hall director, or she can fill out a COVID-19 concerns report if she believes there are violations of The Clark Commitment.

Yes, all first-year students, whether on campus or not, have a peer mentor.

Clark works closely with our food service provider, Sodexo, which has been very cooperative and made improvements over the course of the semester. If you have specific questions or concerns, Dining Services Manager Michael Newmark can be reached at and he will gladly work with your student to meet their needs. You can also contact Business Manager Tony Penny at if you have further concerns.

Yes. A student’s previously assigned room and/or roommate may change for the spring.

If a student who is currently 100% remote wants to live on campus, they can send an email to with their request. If they choose to live on campus, they will likely be assigned to live with another student, who may be currently living on campus. Students will be placed in housing assignments based on availability and preference. They may be placed in a housing assignment with a student who was there in the fall or they may be placed in a space that is empty. A student interested in spring housing should reach out to

The latest a student can withdraw from on-campus living and receive a full refund is their assigned February move-in date (between February 18-20; the specific dates have not yet been assigned). After that, a student can appeal to be released from their contract and, if approved, will receive a pro-rated refund.

Dorm kitchens are not adequate to allow students to prepare their own food. However, there can be flexibility within the plan. Please have your student reach out to Business Manager Tony Penny at

Clark has a vegan station that always has all-vegetable options. The Simple Servings station also offers healthy meals. Students can also pick and choose healthy items from various stations. If your student’s needs aren’t being met, they can contact Dining Services Manager Michael Newmark

Counseling Services

Please have your student reach out to the Dean of Students at to set up a check-in meeting. The office can offer direct support including connecting him with counseling, engagement opportunities, and academic supports as needed.

Official dates have not been established, but we are planning on having therapy dogs back on campus.

Flu Shot

If a student got a flu shot through an on-campus flu clinic, they should have received verification of the vaccine. They can request a copy of verification from University Health Services at

Your student will need to provide proof of a flu vaccine to University Health Services. You can contact them at for more information.

Your student should contact University Health Services at