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State Reopening Plan

Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Phased Reopening

Specifications in the Commonwealth’s plan

(Last updated July 3, 2020)

  • A return to in-person classes for large numbers of students on college campuses will be considered during phase three of reopening.
  • State authorization to hold in-person classes and return large numbers of students to campuses likely will not occur before at least July 6.
  • Every college will be required to have a reopening health plan consistent with state guidelines.
  • Certain limited university activities are currently authorized to recommence prior to the restart of in-person classes and the return of large numbers of students to campus. These include the use of research laboratories and some office activities. Clark policies regarding these initial pre-phase three activities are addressed in separate policy statements.

The Commonwealth’s Health Indicators

(Last updated June 10, 2020)

The state has established a set of indicators for tracking public-health progress amid the pandemic. These indicators will guide decision-making on the possibility of allowing campuses to reopen for in-person classes. These health indicators are as follows:

  • Low prevalence of COVID-19 infection in Massachusetts, as measured by the percentage of COVID-19 tests statewide that come back positive.
  • Success in Massachusetts in protecting those at elevated risk for serious health impacts of COVID-19, as measured by a decline in the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Capacity of health care facilities to respond to COVID-19 health needs, as measured by whether hospitals are using their surge capacities.
  • Capacity across the state to meet the demand for COVID-19 testing, as measured by testing capacity relative to demand.
  • Capability across the state to undertake contact tracing, as measured by contact tracing capacity relative to demand.
  • Availability for needs across the state of PPE, sanitation supplies, and other materials.

Clark also will consider factors within the Worcester community and at the University to determine its reopening plans (e.g., number and type of COVID-19 tests required and available).