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Minimizing Spread

Mask-Wearing Guidelines

(Last updated Sept. 3, 2021)

The CDC has raised the level of community transmission to “Substantial” in Worcester County and recommends that everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, wear a mask in public indoor settings. Clark University intends to follow CDC guidelines at a minimum and has put in place the following guidelines:

  • All who are on campus wear masks indoors in public areas of all University buildings.
  • Those who were granted exemptions from vaccination are required to wear a mask at all times — both indoors and outdoors — except when eating, and must practice physical distancing.
  • Clark recommends the wearing of KN95 or other medical-grade masks whenever possible.
  • To prevent the possible transmission of COVID-19, eating inside a classroom is not allowed this semester. However, you can drink water or other beverages in class. Simply pull down your mask, take your sip, and pull your mask back up.

The University’s policy regarding mask-wearing, and other mitigation strategies, is subject to change depending on our final rates of vaccination, COVID-19 trends both locally and nationally, and guidance from health and government entities.

Internal Clark-Only Events Policy

(Last updated Aug. 27, 2021)

Organizers and hosts of events are responsible for planning and running the event in a way that corresponds with current Clark guidelines. Be prepared for changing guidelines as the context of the ongoing pandemic changes.

  • Hold the event outdoors whenever possible.
  • Indoors, individuals should remain masked except while actively eating or drinking.
  • While there is no minimum distance requirement, use the available space to provide as much space as reasonable between individuals, especially those who are eating.
  • Avoid common serving utensils when possible. If they will be used, consider providing hand sanitizer.
  • For buffet-style service, avoid parallel facing lines, and invite individual tables to serve themselves one at a time.
  • Official off-campus Clark events and meetings should follow the same guidelines.
  • Events over 150 individuals may be subject to further review by the COVID Advisory Group.

Visitor Policy

(Last updated Aug. 13, 2021)

All visitors should be notified of Clark’s vaccination requirement and the expectation that they are in compliance, and in compliance with all state and federal policy and guidelines. All visitors should also be notified of the University’s masking policy, which at this time requires visitors to wear masks indoors. Clark is not requiring visitors to prove their vaccination status. 

There are no current restrictions to outdoor gatherings on campus. 

For indoor events that are open to the public: 

  • Attendance limits and seating must provide for de-densification (seating or standing 6 feet apart)
  • Avoid poorly ventilated spaces (consult with the COVID Advisory Group for any questions)
  • Masks worn by all attendees
  • Any invitation or advertisement must prominently notify of Clark’s vaccination and masking requirements 
  • No food/drink indoors

Travel Policies

(Last updated July 30, 2021)

Clark University recently updated its travel policies for students, faculty, and staff. Domestic and international resumed on June 1, 2021. University funded travel within the United States is permitted but is subject to both TSA and FAA flight regulations. The following guidelines and precautions apply.

Domestic travel

Those traveling on University business must follow the guidelines as presented by the CDC, the state of destination, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Any employee engaged in domestic travel for Clark business must be fully vaccinated.
  • Any employee uncomfortable with travel will not be required to do so through December 31, 2021.
  • Student travel as part of a club or organization needs to be approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Programming.
  • Currently, all domestic flights require the wearing of a mask at all times in airports and during the flights.

International travel

Clark maintains an International Travel Policy that is posted on the website. The policy remains in effect. In addition to the existing policy framework, international travel at Clark resumed after June 1, 2021, with adoption of the following considerations/recommendations to accommodate the evolving COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Newly calculated Department of State (DOS) travel advisories do not indicate a change to current risk situations. Rather, the updated methodology reflects an adjustment in the system to give more weight to CDC guidelines and assessments.  DOS has advised that universities consider other factors when developing a travel risk assessment for a given country or geographic region.
  • Clark will consider the DOS travel warnings, but will not rely exclusively on them to determine risk for international travelers for the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Clark asks anyone traveling abroad to only travel if fully vaccinated. Individuals traveling abroad will still need to assess travel restrictions and other COVID-19 vaccination/testing requirements of the country they intend to visit.
  • If you plan on traveling internationally on University business, you must first receive the appropriate permissions prior to purchasing air tickets or paying other accommodations.
  • Study Abroad Programs: After a thorough review of study abroad providers at peer institutions, and current health, risk, and assessment conditions and practices, study abroad will proceed as scheduled. COVID-19 vaccination will be required for any international traveler in the program.
    • The Office of Study Abroad/Study Away will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation globally and make necessary changes in real time, in consultation with providers, other international-related staff, and representatives of host institutions.
    • The Office will defer to local, state and international guidelines as additional precautions for going abroad or returning home.
    • As always, all students will have GeoBlue health, medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance for the duration of their time abroad. Coverage includes COVID-19. Students will be fully covered in the event of sickness.
    • As always, all students will sign study abroad confirmation and liability forms outlining policies.
    • All study abroad participants will be enrolled in Clark’s Travel Registry.
  • Staff/Faculty and Independent/Graduate Student Travel Procedure:
    • The Travel Advisory Committee will review all proposals for international travel (regardless of State Department advisory level) to evaluate health and safety concerns.
    • As is currently the policy, University funds used for academically related international travel must be pre-approved by the Provost or the Provost’s designee.
    • All international travelers should be required to enroll in GeoBlue insurance and fill out Alert Traveler registration in Terra Dotta (a.k.a. the Travel Registry).
  • All individuals traveling abroad should be aware of inherent risks associated with traveling to sites where COVID-19 and its variants are more prevalent than within the U.S. Also, be aware that some health insurance and travel plans have exempted COVID-19-related illnesses and expenses from their coverage.
  • Clark students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally on their own and independent of any official Clark affiliation are asked to voluntarily adhere to the spirit of these travel regulations for the health and safety of themselves and Clark’s extended community.
  • Given the state of the pandemic worldwide, travel regulations remain subject to frequent modifications.  It is the individual traveler’s responsibility to remain informed of these changes.
  • Further CDC guidelines for international travelers can be found at website.