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Healthy Clark Dashboard and Healthy Clark COVID Plan

Arrival Testing

(Last updated July 13, 2020)

The Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass. — a nonprofit research institution partnered with Harvard and MIT—has informed us that it is prepared to conduct, at cost, regularized COVID-19 testing for all institutions of higher education in the state. Like many institutions across the state, Clark will use Broad’s testing services for students and employees. Specifically, we will use Broad for our arrival and in-session testing. This development is among the many benefits of Clark’s being based in a state with some of the best medical and research institutions in the world.

In addition to the pre-arrival testing described elsewhere in Healthy Clark for students from outside the Massachusetts region, all students will be tested upon their arrival on campus. Arrival testing will be required of all students, including those who have had pre-arrival testing. Students (whether they will live on or off campus) will not be allowed to return to campus except on the date of their assignment to do so.

The arrival testing plan for students is as follows:

  • As announced in our June 10 letter, students will be assigned a date between August 15-21 on which they can return to campus and move-in to their residence halls. To maximize campus safety during the move-in process, this date will be based on the residence hall to which students are assigned. Residential students will receive an email by July 15, 2020 indicating their move-in time and date.
  • Because residential students have received their room assignments, unless they are currently working with the Office of Residential Life and Housing to make any changes, the same notice that informs students of their assigned date and time for returning to campus will also confirm the residence hall address to which the student has been assigned.
  • In order to best support campus safety and testing efforts, students will not be allowed to return to campus except on the date of their assignment to do so. If students have a strong reason that prevents their returning to campus on their assigned date, we will try to identify an alternative date if possible. When students receive their assigned date for returning, they will also receive information specifying how they can request alternative dates, but such exceptions will only be possible in rare circumstances.
  • Students living off campus will likewise be assigned a date to be tested between August 15-21 and will not be permitted to come to campus or to participate in classes without following this protocol.
  • Students will be expected to self-quarantine on campus (or in their off-campus residence, if applicable) for the short period until their individual test results return. As notification of test results may take up to 24 hours, students should be prepared for this short period of self-quarantining. Via Healthy Clark in the coming weeks, we will add additional information on how students can best be prepared for that self-quarantine.
  • Further information about the arrival-testing and move-in protocols will be communicated with the information assigning each student an arrival and move-in date and will at that time be added to the Healthy Clark website.

The testing plan for employees will be similar to the protocol outlined for students on Healthy Clark. In the coming weeks, we will be providing to employees more information about the specifics of the employee testing protocol as well as posting this information on the Healthy Clark website. Any employee who tests positive will be directed to self-isolate at home and not to return to campus until cleared to do so by the Department of Public Health.