Graduate School of Management

Barbara Bigelow

Barbara Bigelow

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor of Business Policy and Health Administration
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-793-7103
Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Bigelow

Research Interests

Strategic management in health care organizations, particularly the adoption of management innovations by hospitals.

Teaching Courses

Business Policy
Spirituality and Business
Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Key Publications

Bigelow, B. and Arndt, M. 2007. Self-interest and opportunism in the hospital industry: A historical perspective. In J.D. Blair, M.D. Fottler, E.W. Ford, & G.T. Payne, eds., Advances in Health Care Management Volume 6.  Boston: JAI Press.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2007. Hospital administration in the early 1900s: visions for the future and the reality of daily practice.  Journal of healthcare Management 52 (1): 34-47.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2006. Toward the creation of an institutional logic for the management of hospitals: Efficiency in the early nineteen hundreds. Medical Care Research and Review 63 (3): 1-26.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2005. Professionalizing and masculinizing a female occupation: The reconceptualization of hospital administration in the early 1900s. Administrative Science Quarterly 50: 233-261.

Bigelow, B. and Arndt, M. 2005. Transformational change in health care: Changing the question. Hospital Topics 83 (2): 19-26