Graduate School of Management

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Tuition and Fees for 2014-2015

MBA Tuition

The MBA is a 17 unit program (equivalent to 51 credits). Of the 17 units, 5 units (equivalent to 15 credits) may be waived with prior undergraduate or graduate coursework.

Tuition per unit: $3,975
Total tuition for 12-unit MBA program: $47,700
Total tuition for 17-unit MBA program: $67,575

MBA/MA in CDP and MBA/MS in ESP Dual Degree Tuition
The MBA/MA in Community Development and Planning (CDP) and MBA/MS in Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) consist of 24 units (equivalent to 72 credits), of which 5 units (15 credits) can be waived with prior undergraduate or graduate coursework.

Tuition per unit: $4,512

MS in Finance (MSF) Tuition
The MSF program is a 10 unit program (equivalent to 30 credits).

Tuition per unit: $4,350
Total MSF tuition: $43,500

MS in Accounting (MSA) Tuition
The MSA program consists of 10 units of core courses and electives, and 2 units of foundation courses.

MSA Tuition: $4,350
Total: $43,500
Total including two foundation courses: $52,200

MBA/MSF Dual Degree Tuition
The MBA/MSF dual degree program consists of 23 units (equivalent to 69 credits). Of the 23 units, 5 units may be waived with prior undergraduate or graduate coursework.

Tuition per MBA unit: $3,975 (max 13 units).  Tuition per MSF unit: $4,350 (10 units).
Total tuition for 18-unit MBA/MSF dual program: $75,300
Total tuition for 23-unit MBA/MSF dual program: $95,175

Additional Fees and Living Expenses for MBA, MSA, and MSF

Activities Fee: $40 per semester (MBA, MSA, MSF)
                         $60 per semester (MBA/MA in CDP, MBA/MS in ESP)

Enrollment Fee: $100 one-time fee

Contingency Fee: $150 one-time fee (does not apply to MBA/MA in CDP or MBA/MS in ESP students)

Full-time Student Services Fee: $1,700 one-time fee (does not apply to MBA/MA in CDP or MBA/MS in ESP students)

Insurance, Book, and Miscellaneous Expenses: Approximately $3,100 per year

Living Expenses: Approximately $10,000 per year

Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, and Loans

Clark GSOM Scholarships for MBA and MBA/MA Students

Generous merit-based scholarships ranging from 25 – 100% of tuition are offered to both full-time and part-time students at the time of admission. All MBA and MBA/MA Dual Degree applicants will be evaluated for scholarship consideration. Criteria used in scholarship consideration are academic background, GMAT or GRE test scores, professional experience, and potential for success in the field.

Clark GSOM Scholarships for MSA and MSF Students
A limited number of scholarships will be offered to MSA and MSF candidates with excellent academic backgrounds and test scores, and strong potential for success in the field.

Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program
Clark GSOM’s partnership with the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program (formerly Fellows/USA) provides returning Peace Corps volunteers with scholarships of 50 – 100% and special internship opportunities. The application fee will be waived for Peace Corps applicants. More information in the Peace Corps Fellows.

Clark GSOM will match the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for AmericCorps alumni. Applicants will also be considered for an additional scholarship based on the strength of their application. The application fee will be waived for AmeriCorps applicants.

City Year
Clark GSOM will award one City Year corps member, alumnus, or staff member per year a 50% scholarship and Graduate Assistantship. The application fee will be waived for City Year applicants.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs
The NSHMBA/Clark University GSOM Scholarship ranges from 25 – 100% of tuition and is awarded annually to an incoming MBA student with preference to students of Hispanic heritage or students with a demonstrated commitment to the Hispanic community.

Tamarkin Scholar Award
Given to highly qualified MSF applicants, this award includes a one-time $2,500 scholarship, participation in a mentor program with a 2nd year student, and many other benefits.

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate assistants are offered the opportunity to work with faculty and staff on special projects, while earning a stipend that will help fund their education. Graduate assistantship positions are posted prior to the beginning of each semester, and all GSOM students are invited to apply for these positions.

Graduate students often rely on loans to finance their education. Clark University’s Office of Financial Assistance supports graduate students in identifying and applying for a number of loan programs. Most loan programs require that borrowers are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, or have a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident. Please review the information on the Office of Financial Assistance website, and email Mary Ellen Severance for further assistance.