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Master’s, Doctoral, and Certificate Programs

The Admissions Review Committee will evaluate all aspects of your application, including test scores, undergraduate academic record, professional experience, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

The following is required for all master’s, doctorate, and certificate applications. Some programs require additional information as part of the application process; please see below for details.

  • Application fee (nonrefundable): $75
  • Personal statement (refer to additional information below for further details)
  • Letters of recommendation – Master’s and Doctoral Programs (refer to additional information below for further details)
  • Résumé
  • All academic transcripts*
  • TOEFL (ETS code 5969) or IELTS scores are required for all international applicants; for English language requirements, please visit our International Applicants page
  • Other program-specific requirements:
    • GMAT or GRE required for:
      • All programs within the School of Management
      • All Ph.D. programs except for those in Biology, Geography, and Psychology, which do not require the GRE for fall 2021 admission
    • MTEL exam required for the MAT program
    • M.A. in English requires a formal essay of at least 2,500 words on some aspect of American or English literature

* Unofficial transcripts can be provided for the application review. Official final transcripts, including confirmation of earned degree, are required prior to enrollment and should be mailed directly from the institution to Clark University Graduate Admissions. All transcripts that are submitted as part of your application must be translated into English prior to submission. Transcripts from international programs that do not include the original language and its English translation will not be considered with your application. If you submit an official final transcript, please make sure to include confirmation of earned degree.

Additional Information

School of Management, School of Professional Studies, and International Development, Community, and Environment Programs

Please provide a statement in which you discuss your professional goals, academic interests, and/or research interests, as well as your plans for achieving these goals. Please also discuss your specific educational, professional, or other experiences that will contribute to your success in the program and in your career. This statement should not exceed 800 words.

Ph.D. Programs

Please indicate your reasons for undertaking graduate study, research interests, and the faculty member(s) whose research is of interest to you. Include your current research interests as well as your long-range research, teaching, or other professional objectives. Reference any relevant published articles, books, research, inventions, or other creative work in your discussion.

Ph.D. in Geography

What interests you about geography specifically? Please discuss, with some precision, your interests within the discipline of geography (i.e., do not simply list ‘economic’ or ‘historical’). Explain why you think this area of the discipline is interesting and important. Tell us how you became interested in this area, and what your experience has been thus far.

Why specifically do you want to do graduate work at Clark University? Tell us what you hope to pursue with these interests, both here and afterward.

Ph.D. in Psychology

In order to assure the best fit between faculty and student body, we ask that you write a statement indicating why you think the psychology program at Clark is well-suited for your academic and career goals. Your essay should deal with the following issues:

  • Areas of psychology and theoretical orientation of most interest to you
  • Faculty members you find most in accord with your interests
  • Research you have done, or would like to do
  • Autobiographical information relevant to your pursuit of graduate work at Clark

Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and City Year Applicants

In addition to the core application requirements, all AmeriCorps, Peace Corps or City Year volunteers are required to submit a description of service as part of their application. If you are currently serving and have not yet received your description of service, you may submit a letter from your supervisor stating your current status and when your service is expected to end. All descriptions of service or supervisor letters should be uploaded through your application status page or emailed to

School of Management, School of Professional Studies, and International Development, Community, and Environment Programs

Clark University requires two letters from employers, supervisors, professors, instructors, or others who are able to comment on your professional and educational goals and potential (no friends or relatives, please). These references should be able to judge your qualifications — including intellectual and analytical ability, oral and written communication skills, independence, initiative, and drive — necessary for success in graduate coursework and/or research, if applicable.

Ph.D. Programs, M.A. in Teaching, and M.A. in English

Three letters of recommendation are required from academic professionals who have taught or supervised you and can attest to your academic capability.

  • GRE code: 3279 for all programs (except Biology, Geography, and Psychology Ph.D. programs, which do not require the GRE for fall 2021 admission)
  • GMAT codes
    • MBA and M.S. in Management: Q4X-6X-30
    • M.S. in Accounting: Q4X-6X-85
    • M.S. in Business Analytics and M.S. in Finance: Q4X-6X-07

Application Fee

A fee of $75 must accompany the application for admission to the University. This fee is not refundable.

On a case-by-case basis, the application fee may be waived. A waiver may be granted for:

  • Applicants from organizations partnered with Clark (e.g., AmeriCorps, PeaceCorps, City Year, Fulbright, Teach for America, McNair Scholars, National Association of Black Accountants, among others)
  • Applicants working with one of our international partners (email for detailed information)
  • Clark alumni or current Clark employees
  • Applicants who may face financial hardship

Tuition Deposit

Once admitted, a deposit of $500 ($200 for the M.A. in Teaching program) is required of all students to secure a place as a new student in one of Clark’s master’s programs. This deposit is nonrefundable unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., visa refusal, unforeseen family obligations, etc.). Documented proof is required in these cases.

The deposit must be paid by the deadline specified in the admit letter. While the deposit deadline is fixed, there are cases where this may be extended. For an extension, please email

Clark University master’s programs involve rigorous curriculum within the programs. Some programs require knowledge or skills in specific areas that will be critical for your success in the program.

School of Professional Studies

MS in Data Analytics (MSDA)

The MSDA program requires knowledge or skills in mathematics and programming. Mathematical skills include Calculus, most notably in the areas of taking derivatives, differentiating functions, and finding extreme values of functions. If you need to further develop your knowledge in this area it is recommended you do so here: Khan Academy Calc 1 or Khan Academy Calc 2. Programming skills include an introductory understanding of programs, specifically in Python or Java. If you need to further develop your knowledge in this area it is recommended you do so here: Python Training.

School of Management

MS in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Students must satisfy the MSBA pre-requisite courses prior to beginning their first semester at Clark University.

  • Statistics (Probability and its Applications): The prerequisite is automatically satisfied if the student took one Statistics course through an accredited college or university. The courses must have been for credit and the student must have earned a B or higher. Courses taken through an open online courses platform (MOOC) will not satisfy the statistics pre-requisites.
  • Python or SQL Server Programming: The common topics that the programming courses must cover are the syntax, algorithm, and programming skills of a popular programming language, such as Java, C++, Python, or SQL. This pre-requisite can be satisfied by:
    • If the student took one Programming course through an accredited college or university. The courses must have been for credit and the student must have earned a B or higher. OR
    • If the student successfully completes one of the Online Certificate programs from DataCamp or Coursera. Students who take the Online Certificate through DataCamp or Coursera must demonstrate the course completion and certificate received from the platform. The following are the accepted Online Certificate programs from the MOOCs:

MS in Finance (MSF)

Students must satisfy the MSF pre-requisite courses prior to beginning their first semester at Clark University. The courses must have been for credit and the student must have earned a B or higher. Below are the three MSF pre-requisites:

  • Calculus: The common topics that the mathematical course must cover in order to satisfy the Calculus pre-requisite are functions, limits, continuity, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions, mean-value theorem, and various applications.
  • Statistical Methods: Topics must include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous random variables, estimation, hypothesis testing, and linear regression.
  • Economic Theory: Any undergraduate Economics course will fulfill the pre-requisite.

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Students must have completed undergraduate course work in Economics, with a minimum grade of B or higher, as a pre-requisite for this program prior to beginning their first semester at Clark University.

Fulfilling Prerequisite Coursework

The School of Management offers the Calculus, Economics, and Statistics prerequisites online during the summer semester. The courses will begin in July and last 4 to 6 weeks. Students must achieve a grade of B or higher in the prerequisite course in order to enroll in their respective program. If you are interested in registering for the prerequisites with the School of Management please contact

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