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Welcome and congratulations! You'll find all the information you should need to help you transition smoothly to life at Clark and beyond.

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Below we have assembled all the basics we think you'll need to orient you to your new home. If you have any additional questions about arriving in Worcester and at Clark University, please feel free to contact us so we can help you as best we can.

How to connect to Clark's WIFI

Connect to ClarkWiFi with Windows XP
Connect to ClarkWiFi with Windows Vista or 7 [PDF]
Connect to ClarkWiFi with Windows 8 [PDF]
Connect to ClarkWiFi with OSX [PDF]
Connect to ClarkWiFi with Linux [PDF]

More information on information technology at Clark

Where to find shopping malls, supermarkets and stores

Check out for information on local malls, shops, museums and restaurants. Otherwise, the list below gives a broad overview of which stores do what and what is within reach locally.

*Clark Safety Escort Services can take you to this destination.

Supermarkets (for food)

Big Y Supermarket*
100 Mayfield St.

Price Chopper Supermarket*
50 Cambridge St.

Living Earth* (organic groceries)
232 Chandler St.

Home goods stores (for furniture, bedding, food, personal items etc.)

70 Worcester Providence Tpke #100
Millbury, MA

25 Tobias Boland Way
Worcester, MA

Pharmacies (to buy personal items & medications)

CVS Pharmacy*
Open 24 hours
400 Park Ave.

Convenience stores (for food and personal items)

Honey Farms*
24-Hour Convenience Store
433 Park Ave.
(Bank of America ATM location)

Tedeschi Food Shops*
24-Hour Convenience Store
973 Main St.

*Clark Safety Escort Services can take you to this destination.

How to get around by bus, train, taxi and Clark safety escort service

Clark Safety Escort Services information and van tracker
Worcester Bus Schedules: Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA)
Train Schedules to/from Boston: Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA)

Local Taxi Services
Red Cab

Yellow Cab Co.

How to open a bank account

The following list is a brief overview of some of the banks close to the Clark's campus. We have tried to outline the main advantages and disadvantages of opening an account with the below mentioned banks. When opening an account, you will typically need to bring ID (passport or license) and documentation proving your local mailing address. International students may also need to provide their international address. Make sure to ask about any details, requirements, or restrictions when setting up your account.

TD Bank
295 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA

1227 Main Street
Worcester, MA
508-793-4188 or 1-800-390-6443

Note there is a TD Bank automated teller machine (ATM) inside the University Center (UC) on campus.

Bank of America
Main Office:
365 Main St.
Worcester, MA

651 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA

255 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA (near Elm Park)

Santander Bank
655 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA

446 Main St.
Worcester, MA

Their toll free number is 1-877-768-2265.

Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
278 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA
508-890-5990 or 1-800-696-9401

There is also an ATM located at Clark's bookstore that is not affiliated with any bank. Note: Be careful about using other ATM's that are not affiliated with your bank, as a fee is often charged.

Where to buy a cell phone

The following companies provide contract service and cell phones.

453 Park Ave (0.3 miles)
Worcester, MA

77 Boston Turnpike (3 miles)
Shrewsbury, MA

Shoppes at Blackstone Valley
Millbury, MA

All Cellular MA LLC
431B Park Ave (0.6 miles)
Worcester, MA

388 Park Avenue (0.5 miles)
Worcester, MA

You should shop around to see which plan will best suit your needs. Some students use a Tracfone, which is typically more flexible in terms of length of service and number of minutes purchased. These can be found at Walmart or Target.

Can I work and what do I need to get a job?

On-campus jobs and career resources

Am I eligible?

Where can I find a job on campus?

Immigration regulation can be complicated. You should check with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) to see if you are eligible to work on campus. The ISSO is the only office on campus that is authorized to advise you on the legality of employment. Students looking to work on campus can refer to Clark's online job listing under "Non Work-study" or inquire at individual departments/offices as to whether they have positions available.

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)

How to get a Massachusetts ID or drivers license

Massachusetts Registry of Vehicles
If you plan to drive a car in the United States, you will need the proper license and car insurance. If you have an international driver's license, this may be valid for up to one year.

What if I get sick or need a dentist?

When should I call the Clark emergency medical services (EMS?)

If you have a serious injury and need immediate medical care

Call Clark Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at 508-793-6267 or email them at

EMS is a FREE service provided for Clark students by Clark students that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

When should I call Clark health services?

If you...

  • need to get a medical prescription
  • are feeling sick with a minor ailment, such as a cold or stomach ache
  • want to get a general appointment
  • need a medical exam
  • want to get vaccinations
  • have any questions about your insurance card

Make and appointment with Health Services by using the contact information below:

Health Services Information
501 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA
(508) 793-7467

This is Clark's medical service, which had a copayment for all students who purchase insurance through Clark. There are no services during the summer or school vacations.

FAQ's about Health Services

What if health services is closed and I need help?

If you get sick when Health Services is closed, access to medical care is available through Hahnemann Family Health Center. Follow the steps below for after-hours care:

  1. Call the Hahnemann Family Health Center's answering service at 508-334-8830 and identify yourself as a Clark University student.
  2. Leave your name and telephone number with the answering service. A physician will return your call within one hour.
  3. When the physician calls, describe your problem. If the physician decides you need to be seen, you will be referred to the Emergency Room at:
    UMass Memorial Medical Center
    Memorial Campus
    119 Belmont Street
    Worcester, MA
  4. If you go to the Emergency Room, identify yourself as a Clark University student and give the name of the physician you spoke with at the Hahnemann Family Health Center.

What if I need a dentist?

Please note that dental insurance is separate from health insurance. Get whatever needs to be done in your own country before coming to the U.S. if you can. Should you need dental care while in the U.S., please note that it is EXPENSIVE. You can sign up for a voluntary dental insurance plan through your student health insurance plan.

Quick links to useful university resources


On-campus job listings

Career services

Clark Recruiter

IT Support

Computer Help Desk

Student software discounts

Student hardware discounts

Staying Safe

University Police

Campus Safety Information

Clark Anti-Violence Education (CAVE)

Wellness Services

Health and wellness services

Counseling services

Disability services


Academic Integrity

School of Professional Studies (SPS) Academic Policies
Plagiarism in the United States
School of Professional Studies Graduate Policies

English Resources

The Writing Center
Tips for Practicing your English
English as a Second Language (ESL)

Academic Resources

Clark Libraries

Academic Tips for International Students

  1. Speak out and participate in class.
  2. Ask questions and ask for help!
  3. Get to know your professors.
  4. Do an internship. It may help you get a job.
  5. Pay special attention to the U.S. definition of plagiarism, as it has very serious consequences.

Get involved with Clark and the community

Clark has a place for everyone. Go out, get involved, and be a part of the community!

Volunteer Opportunities
Events Calendars
Cinema 320
Places to Worship
Athletic Facilities
International Student Association

Third Culture Kids
Intercultural Students Organizations
Offices Directory
Intercultural Blog

Explore Worcester

About Worcester (the big picture)
Clark University is located in Main South, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. Worcester is full of hidden gems—the links below will help you to venture out and explore!

Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Worcester is full of restaurants, featuring many different cuisines. Some are within walking distance of campus, while others require a short taxi ride.

The Shopping Scene
The Worcester area is home to shopping malls, specialty stores, and much more.

Whether you like to dance, visit museums, attend live music shows, or watch live sporting events, there is plenty to do in Worcester.

Grocery Stores and Farmer's Markets
For students living near Clark, there are many grocery stores within walking distance.

Music and the Arts
Worcester is a spectacular city for all types of music and arts. Check out everything from live shows to artist's exhibits.

Getting Around
Worcester is a friendly city to travel around. Buses, taxis, and trains are available to get you about Worcester, Boston, or other cities.

Meet Up
Get out and meet up with people who have similar interests around Worcester and beyond.