Application Process for Accelerated B.A./Master's Program

Application Process

Once you are ready to begin your application to an accelerated degree program at Clark:

  1. Meet with the program adviser of the degree program you plan to pursue and have the Accelerated Degree Program Adviser Form signed and submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office by May 1.
  2. Create an account on our online portal to start your application. Make sure to select the application period for the year you start your fifth year. (For example, current juniors who will be graduating from their undergraduate program in May 2018 should select 2018 for their application type). You should plan to begin your application prior to May 1.
  3. Follow instructions within the portal to complete the application form for your specific program, including uploading additional credentials as required. You will need to submit your complete application by May 1.
  4. Monitor the status of your application via the online application portal to ensure all of your credentials were received and review your decision notices.

You should plan to begin your application during the spring of your junior year, prior to May 1.

If you are planning to study abroad during the spring of your junior year, you should make plans to have your adviser form completed either before you leave or make arrangements with the program adviser to have the form completed via email.

Accelerated MBA students should note that a new application requirement has been added. In addition to the current required personal statements, all applicants must also complete an informational interview and reflection essay. This is due by May 1 along with all other application requirements. An outline on this requirement is available here. Students can contact with questions.


The Academic Advising Office determines eligibility for the accelerated degree program and will notify you at the end of your junior year, and again at the end of your senior year, whether you have retained eligibility for the tuition scholarship. Acceptance is considered provisional until the applicant is admitted by the department to which they are applying, and continues to meet the GPA requirement in the end of their senior year.

Students studying abroad are encouraged to complete their coursework requirements including submission of final paper to their Clark faculty sponsor as early as possible to avoid delays in receiving information about eligibility.


If you are currently enrolled in the undergraduate program, you should direct any questions to Brittany Crompton in the Graduate Admissions Office, Dean Joanne DeMoura in the Dean of the College Office or Dean Kevin McKenna in the Academic Advising Office.