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Clark ASEC building

October 2020

Family Month

In a conventional year, Clark would hold Family Weekend in October. In this quite unconventional year, we’re hosting Family Month throughout October. We’ve expanded our virtual programming so parents and family members can get a closer look at the learning experience, exceptional Clark faculty, and support services for students. Please join us in celebrating Family Month by attending one, two, or all of our events below.

*Please note that all of our Family Month events are virtual.

Family Month Event Schedule

Oct. 8, noon
Masculinities, Racism, and Militarized Policing: Feminists Investigate

Join Cynthia Enloe, research professor in the International Development, Community, and Environment Department (IDCE) and adjunct professor of political science, as she leads a discussion on using feminist curiosities to untangle the gendered knot of policing, masculinities, women, enemies, weapons, and racism.

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Oct. 15, noon
Crisis and Resilience: Parenting, Relationships, and Divorce during COVID-19

Join Abbie Goldberg, Jan and Larry Landry University Professor of Psychology and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, as she delves into the struggles parents are facing during COVID-19. She will discuss two studies she has conducted during the pandemic that address these complex issues.

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Oct. 24, 10 a.m.
Saturday Programming — Morning Events

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Oct. 24, noon
Saturday Programming — Afternoon Events

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Oct. 26, 7 p.m.
Clark After Dark: Picturing European Women in the Age of ‘Old Masters’

Join John Garton, associate professor of art history, and students from his Art, the Public, and Worcester’s Cultural Institutions ​course for a behind-the-scenes look at the “Clark After Dark: Picturing European Women in the Age of ‘Old Masters’” exhibit, currently on view at the Worcester Art Museum.

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Oct. 28, 6 p.m.
The 2020 Elections and the Future of American Political Parties

Professor Robert Boatright, chair of the Political Science Department, will review how the parties have changed their views, whether these changes will endure beyond the Trump presidency, and more.

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Nov. 5, noon
What Does Feminist Curiosity Reveal About Democratic Elections During a Pandemic?

The pandemic has played out differently for women and men in various countries. In this session, IDCE Research Professor Cynthia Enloe will ask: Why is domestic violence rising in this pandemic? How are job losses and stresses in a pandemic gendered? Does masculinization shape our presumptions about who we call an expert?

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