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Fuller Library

Traina Center Resource Library and Multimedia lab hours – Fall 2021


Located on the second floor of the Traina Center for the Arts, the Fuller Resource Library houses the Visual and Performing Arts media collections and serves as a technology-enabled study space for individual or group use.

The Resource Library collections include:

  • The Screen Studies Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS, and 16mm film
  • The Music program audio CDs
  • The Music program Sheet Music library

Library use policies

  • The Resource Library study area and media stations are open for a max of four students at a time, separated six feet apart.
  • Students coming in to view films or use equipment are encouraged to email ahead of time so that materials may be prepared in advance.
  • All users must clean their stations after use.
  • The video transfer stations and scanning stations are available through appointment only.
  • Please email to set up appointment times.

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The Resource Library is equipped with individual and group media stations
that can accommodate a wide array of formats, including:

  • HDTVs with Blu-ray/DVD players
  • 16mm film projectors and rewinds
  • VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc players
  • Audio listening/capture station with turntable and cassette deck
  • Analog to digital A/V transfer station
  • PC station
  • Flatbed scanners

Library Policies

The Resource Library collections are accessible for classroom instruction and academic research.

Use of material is restricted to inside the Resource Library unless otherwise indicated.

A valid Clark OneCard is required to access library material.

Use of the Resource Library space and materials must adhere to the following:

V&PA Facilities Use Policies
ITS Appropriate Use and Copyright Policies


Please contact the Resource Library Coordinator, Christopher Ruble or call 1-508-793-7481 for all questions regarding this facility.

Contact Information

Visual and Performing Arts

Office Location
  • Traina Center for the Arts
    92 Downing Street
    Worcester, MA 01610
  • 1-508-793-7113
  • vpa[at]clarku[dot]edu
  • 1-508-793-8844 (fax)