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Current Doctoral Students

Arakwiye, Bernadette 
M.S. Environmental Science, Antioch University
B.S. Biology National University of Huye, Rwanda
Research Interests: Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to ecology and conservation biology in tropical landscapes.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Arond, Elisa
M.Sc. Science & Technology for Sustainability, University of Sussex, UK
B.Sc. Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst/Commonwealth College, USA
Research Interests: Science, technology and innovation policy; grassroots innovation and rural livelihoods; the role of scientific evidence and evaluation of risk in social-environmental conflict and policy decisions; Latin America, especially Colombia.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Bornschlegl, Teresa
M.Sc. Human Ecology, University Lund, Sweden
B.A. History and Spanish Studies, University Konstanz, Germany
Research Interests: Critical development theory, legal geography, mining and hydrocarbon industry, access to environmental justice/judiciary, CLS, Latin America.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Bravo, Mireya
B.A. Anthropology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Research Interests: Environmental governance, political ecology, biodiversity conservation, environmental institutions, natural resource management, development, South America.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Cai, Yifan
B.Sc. and M.Sc. Geography, Peking University
Research Interests: Industrial upgrading and regional transformation. Industrial ecology and industrial development on urban and regional planning projects.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Cantor, Alida
M.S. Community & Regional Development, University of California Davis, USA, 2008
B.A. Geography, Simon's Rock College, USA, 2005
Research interests: Political ecology, water resources, waste, urban ecology, food systems, climate change.
Advisors: Jody Emel and Dianne Rocheleau

Collier, William M
M.E.Sc. Social Ecology, Yale University, USA, 2010
B.S. Ecology, University of Georgia, USA, 2006
Research Interests: Agrarian History, Agroforestry, Food Systems, GIS, Land-Use Change, Mixed Methods, Political Ecology, Remote Sensing, Resource-Use Conflicts, Sub-Saharan Africa.
Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Cuba, Nick
M.S. GIS for Development & Environment, Clark University, USA
B.A. Geology, Amherst College, USA
Research Interests: Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing, Land change Analysis and Modeling, Web Mapping.
Advisor: John Rogan

Dammert, Juan Luis
B.A. Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Research Interests: Political ecology, large scale projects, hydroelectric dams, palm oil, illegal gold mining, Peru, Amazonia.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Dobler, Carlos
B.Sc. Biology and M.Sc. Geography, National Autonomous University of Mexico.
GIS and Remote Sensing applied to environmental modeling.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Elmes, Arthur
M.A. Geography, West Virginia University, USA
B.A. Geography, West Virginia University, USA
Research Interests: Remote sensing, landscape ecology, invasive species, GIScience.
Advisor: John Rogan

Esfahani, Azadeh H.
M.A. Urban Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada
M.B.A. Sharif University, Iran
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University, Iran
Research Interests: Place-making and identity building, Social learning and social change processes, Sustainable community and neighborhood development, Community-based urban planning and development, Citizen empowerment and capacity-building.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Farahani, Alireza F.
M.A. Urban Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada
M.B.A. Sharif University, Iran
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University, Iran
Research Interests: Socio-economic development, Development policy and practice, Developing countries, Middle-east, Economic geography, Learning regions Community development, Social Learning, Pragmatism Philosophy, Realist social theory, Phronetic research, Qualitative methods, action research.
Advisor: James Murphy

Foo, Katherine
M.S. Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan, USA
M.L.A. University of Michigan, USA
B.A. Poverty Studies, Williams College, USA
Research Interests: Landscape visualization; urban ecology; governance and institutions; and urban geography.
Advisor: James McCarthy and Anthony Bebbington

Gallagher, Emily
M.S. Horticulture, Cornell University, USA
B.S. Natural Resource Conservation & Management, University of Kentucky, USA
Research Interests: Agriculture/resource geography, smallholder agriculture and rural development, agroforestry, spatial planning, GIS.
Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Gill, Nathan
B.S. GIS, Brigham Young University, USA
Research interests: GIS, remote sensing, landscape ecology, compounded disturbance, invasive species
Advisor: Dominik Kulakowski

Hernandez-Espino, Fernando
M.A. Rural Development, University of East Anglia, UK
B.A. Economics and Social Anthropology, University of East Anglia, UK
Research Interests: Political ecology, international land grabs, agrarian movements, rural livelihoods, food systems, Latin America.
Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Jampel, Catherine
M.A. Geography and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University, USA
B.A. History and Literature, Harvard University, USA
Research Interests: Development, political economy, rural livelihoods, food systems, feminist science studies, the Americas (especially Ecuador, US).
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Jarvis, Daniel
B.A. Geography and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Research Interests: Forest ecology, disturbance ecology and disturbance interactions in the southern Rockies.
Advisor: Dominik Kulakowski

Jiang, Wenjing
BEng Urban Planning, Peking University
M.A. Urban Planning, University of Illinois
Research Interests: land use and environmental urban planning, disaster recovery planning, human-environment issues in land use/cover change.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Jiao, Tong
B.S. Geography, Bejing Forest University
M.S. Geography, Chinese Academy of Bejing
Research Interests: terrestrial ecosystems energy, carbon and water cycles, leaf canopy and carbon absorption over forest areas.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Johnson, Adrienne
M.A. Geography, York University, Canada, 2010
B.A. Political Science and International Development (Honors), York University, Canada, 2007
Research Interests: Political Ecology, Environment and Development, Science Studies, Environmental Governance, NGOs, Palm oil, Indonesia, South America.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Kay, Kelly
B.A. Environmental Studies, Lewis and Clark College, USA
Research Interests: Nature-society geography, political economy of the environment, land trusts and conservation easements, governance, critical theory, the American West, the Balkans.
Advisor: James McCarthy

Kenney-Lazar, Miles
B.A. Geography and International Studies, University of Miami, USA
Research Interests: Political ecology, foreign land investment, land tenure systems, natural resource development, Laos.
Advisor: Jody Emel

Kim, Young-Long
M.A. Geography, Seoul National University, South Korea
B.A. Economics, Seoul National University, South Korea
Research Interests: Economic geography, regional development, technological change, innovation, knowledge, network, East Asia.
Advisor: Yuko Aoyama

Knudson, Christopher
M.A. Globalization Studies, McMaster University, Canada, 2010
B.A. History, Carleton University, Canada, 2009
Research Interests: Risk, vulnerability, financialization, globalization, private governance, Caribbean.
Advisor: James McCarthy

Lam, Son Ca
M.A. Applied Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
B.A. Comparative Ethnic Studies and Environment, Earth, & Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
Research Interests: Displacement, Forced Migration, Place-making, Language, Ethnic Studies, Community Building and Development, Grassroots Movement.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Locke, Dexter
Link to CV
M.E.Sc. Environmental Science, Yale University, USA, 2013
B.S. Natural Resource Planning, Forestry & Economics, University of Vermont, USA, 2009
Research Interests: Emerging roles of geospatial technology in urban environmental planning and collaborative decision making, residential landscapes in urban and suburban areas, sociological theories of the middle range, and the intersection of science and policy on urban and community forestry.
Advisor: Colin Polsky

MacLean, Rich
M.Sc. Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire, USA
B.Sc. Biology, Western Washington University, USA
Research Interests: Carbon and nitrogen cycling in natural and actively managed ecosystems, effects of sustainable agriculture and management on ecosystem services and nutrient cycling.
Advisor: Christopher Williams

Meng, Kathryn-Louise
M.Sc. International Development: Environment & Development, University of Manchester, UK, 2010
B.A. Geography and Peace & Conflict Studies, Colgate University, USA, 2009
Research Interests: Political ecology, sustainability, global environmental change, political economy, critical theory.
Advisor: Richard Peet

Mietkiewicz, Nate
M.S. GIS for Development & Environment, Clark University, USA, 2013
B.S. Earth Science, University of Maine, USA, 2009
Research Interests: Applications of environmental GIS and Remote Sensing, fire behavior and fuels modeling, forest and disturbance ecology, mountain ecosystems, global environmental change.
Advisor: Dominik Kulakowski

Mutegeki, Patrick Bright
B.A. Tourism, Makerere University, Uganda
M.Phil. Development Studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Research Interests: develop mechanisms of sustainably reconciling interests of conserving Rwenzori Mountains National Park, enhancing livelihood of indigenous communities living around proetected areas, holistic sustainable development.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Nguon, Pheakkdey
M.A. International Development and Environmental Analysis, Monash University, Australia, 2009
B.Ed. Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2006
Research Interests: UN-REDD Programme, World Bank's FCPF, Sustainability Science, Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions, Cambodia.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Nirmal, Padini
M.A. International Development & Social Change, Clark University, USA, 2010
M.A. Communication, Madras Christian College, India, 2008
B.A. Economics, Stella Maris College, India, 2006
Research Interests: Indigeneity, Resistance Studies, Adivasi Politics, Decolonial Theory and Philosophy, Feminist Geography, Ontological Politics, Indigenous resistance movements, Feminist Political Ecology.
Advisors: Dianne Rocheleau and Jody Emel

Odell, Scott
B.S.F.S. (cum laude) Science,Technology and International Affairs (STIA), Georgetown University
Research Interests: Impact of environmental degredation on indigenous communities in Latin America.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Petersen-Smith, Khury
M.A. Education, Tufts University, USA, 2009
B.Sc. Multidisciplinary Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, 2004
Research Interests: Critical Geography of US military interventions.
Advisor: Mark Davidson

Santacruz, Ali
M.Sc. Geomatics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogata, 2010
B.Sc. Forest Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin, 2004
Research Interests: Geographic information science, spatial statistics, applications of remote sensing, natural resources management.
Advisor: John Rogan

Santiago, Melishia
B.S. Biology and M.S. Geography, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Research Interests: Impacts of sea ice cover and the biogeochemistry in the Pacific Arctic Region using field data and remote sensing.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Sauls, Laura
B.A. International Relations/Environment Science, The College of William and Mary
M. Phil. Development Studies, University of Oxford, UK
Research Interests: geospatial analysis and qualitative methods in examining trends in development and implementation of development programs in the tropics, South America.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Shake, Kristen L.
M.S. Chemical Oceanography, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA, 2011
B.S. Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA, 2009
Research Interests: Arctic marine policy, polar climate change, law & geography, resource extraction in the Arctic, U.S. & Canadian Arctic policy relations, science communication, science/policy interface.
Advisor: Karen Frey and Deborah Martin

Shelton, Taylor
M.A. Geography, University of Kentucky, USA, 2011
B.A. Geography and Political Science, University of Kentucky, USA, 2008
Research Interests: Geographic thought and methodology, cities, 'big data', internet geography, science and technology studies, relational and territorial dimensions of urban governance.
Advisor: James Murphy

Sphar, Jefferson Alex
M.A. Latin American Studies, University of Kansas, USA, 2007
M.B.A. International Business, University of Kansas, USA, 2007
B.A. Mechanical Engineering, Witchita State University, USA 2002
Research Interests: Intersection of Development Studies, Economic Geography, Political Economy, and Political Philosophy, Behavior of 'the state' in national and international spheres, Latin America, specifically Brazil.
Advisor: James Murphy

Surprise, Kevin
M.A. International Development & Social Change, Clark University, USA, 2010
B.A. Geography, Framingham State University, USA, 2008
Research Interests: Political geography, political economy of the environment, critical social theory, the geopolitics of climate change, environmental governance and the green economy, US climate engineering policy, theories of climate justice.
Advisor: Richard Peet

Tapp, Renee
M.A. Geography & Urban Studies, Temple University, USA
B.A. International Studies and Religious Studies, Butler University, USA
Research interests: Critical Theory, Urban Politics, Architecture, Modernism.
Advisor: Mark Davidson

Turker, Kaner
B.A. and M.A. Dept. of Economics, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Economic geography and development, emphasis on income distribution, poverty, well-being and economically excluded groups and regional disparities.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Wenderlich, Michelle
M.A. Public Policy, Hertie School of Governance, Germany
B.A. Music, SUNY Stony Brook, USA
Research Interests: State theory and political philosophy, political ecology, political economy, commons, energy, climate justice, alternatives to privatization, participatory democracy.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

York, Ashley
M.S. Applied Geospatial Sciences, Northern Arizona University, USA
B.S. Geography and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Research Interests: Glaciology, the cryosphere, climate change, remote sensing, photogrammetry, radar.
Advisor: Karen Frey

Zhang, Yueming
M.Phil. Geography, The University of Hong Kong, 2011
B.A. Urban & Regional Management, Peking University, China, 2009
Research Interests: Urban politics and planning, public space, gentrification and displacement, art and culture industry, state-society relations, political economy, China.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Zhu, Zhiwen
B.Eng. Remote Sensing Information Engineering, Wuhan University
M.Sc. Cartography/GIS, Graduate University of Beijing
Research Interests: Remote sensing image processing and environmental information extraction, wildlife conservation, improving conservation capacity of local communities.
Advisor: Deborah Martin