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Past Events

Colloquium Speaker Series: Zhe Zhu

Jefferson 218

“Connecting the dots” in a changing planet Remote sensing data are noisy, which makes land change detection challenging, particularly for changes that are subtle, gradual, or transient. By connecting the dense time series observation “dots”, we can better model the land surface characteristics, and therefore, detect and attribute land changes that are usually “invisible” in […]

Geography Colloquium: Mimi Sheller, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Grace Conference Room, Higgins University Center Clark University

Climate Change and Mobility Justice: The Kinopolitics of Climate Coloniality In this talk, Dr. Sheller will discuss what reactive border closures, wall building, and de-nationalization of undocumented populations around the […]

Geography Colloquium: Kimberley Davis, United States Department of Agriculture

via Zoom

Conifer forest resilience to changing climate and fire regimes in the western US The combination of increasing area burned at high severity and warmer, drier post-fire conditions is making forests in the western United States vulnerable to ecological transformation. Dr. Kimberley Davis will examine how the interactive impacts of changing climate and wildfire activity are […]